Monday, November 28, 2016

Week #77 - 🚁/ ✈️

It's been a super eventful week. It started last Monday when elder
Arritt and I were able to return to our previous area in Quantico and
go on a tour on the marine base. We set up a tour before we figured
out that we were getting transferred out. We were specifically in the
aviation section of the base. One of the members in the ward flys an
aircraft call the Osprey. It's basically like a hybrid
airplane/helicopter (hence the email title). Man, it was probably one
of the coolest things I've ever seen. It's used for many different
things but one of the main things is joining the presidents helicopter
when they pick him up and take him anywhere. Anywhere the president
goes, they take one of the osprey helicopters. The wings of this thing
are able to fold up and it can fit into the back of a cargo place. The
propellers can rotate 90 degrees so it can be flown as a helicopter
and an airplane. It's one of the most maneuverable aircraft in the
world. It can also carry like 25 passengers. It's pretty sweet. It
would have been awesome if he took us for a ride but, no dice...(trust
me, I askedπŸ˜‚) I'll attach some pics.

We had a good week getting to know all of our investigators. Elder
Arritt's bike got ran over by one of our investigators lol. But no
worries, it's all worked out now! I actually really enjoy being on
bike. It gives me an opportunity to exercise throughout the day, I
like it. But we had an awesome week with the help of the amazing
members. We didn't teach a lesson this week that didn't have a member
present. It was pretty awesome. I think we taught 6 or 7 member
present lessons. We finally met all of our solid investigators. Now
it's time to find some more 😜

We had a great thanksgiving. It's so crazy to think that my holidays
as a missionary are slowly winding down, there are only a couple left.
Pretty gnarly. But I'm so excited for what's in store. It's almost
like I just got a second wind in my mission and I'm able to push
through to the end.

This week, elder Arritt and I spoke in sacrament meeting, I'm pretty
sure my Talk made absolutely zero sense to anyone but me. But I hope
they felt the spirit. I talked about thanksgiving and gratitude. I'm
so grateful for all that the lord has blessed me with. One of the main
things I talked about in my talk was my family. Particularly, my
brothers. I'm so grateful for them. I'd do anything for them. I sure
do love those boys! FOE! But in preparation for my talk and by way of
invitation from another missionary, I have been saying only prayers of
gratitude. Holy cow. It's been such a blessing. A lot of the time I
just sit there and thank the lord for the smallest things in my life.
It's truest opened my eyes to how blessed I actually am. And I came
across a scripture as I was writing my talk that instilled in me a
sincere desire to always be grateful give it a read. D&C 78:19

I'm so thankful for the love and support of you all. have a great
week! Love you all!

- Elder LeishmanπŸ•΄

(Ps. Sorry if this is all jumbled together, it wrote it in probably 4
minutes with no proof read...😘)

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