Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week #75 "1 and Done? Likely...."

Well, another week has come and gone and I have seen the hand of the
Lord so much. Elder Arritt and I have been putting in some good work,
we were able to find some new investigators this week and we were able
to teach some lessons with some members present. We have even got some
less actives that we have started working with that we've been able to
find. it's been cool to see the progression of our area from the
beginning of the transfer to where we had absolutely nobody to work
with and now we have a small teaching pool of investigators and less

Last Monday the whole squad was back together again at the Arlington
Cemetery. Elder Simpson, Elder Holdaway, and myself were cruising at
the cemetery together. We took some sweet pictures that I will attach
to this email.  We went to the tomb of the unknown soldier that is
probably my favorite exhibit at the Arlington Cemetery. It just
goes to show how no matter who we are or where we came from God knows us
each personally and he loves us and he has a plan for us no matter
what. Serving here in the DC area and now specifically in the Quantico ward
has definitely got me thinking about joining the military.

Our week started out with a real kick in the pants to me. We had zone
training on Tuesday and the zone leaders announced that the mission is
coming out with some new rules and some rules that are now being more
strictly enforced. One of the new rules is that we can no longer work
out in any gym including The gym in our apartment complex. When I
heard that it was like my whole soul have been taken out and trampled
over by a million buffalo. It was like I was being forced to slit my
wrist and do push-ups in salt water. I remember it had been a rumor a
couple months ago that they were going to come out with this rule but
I didn't believe it (maybe is just me being in denial). But I set down
and talked to President Huntsman a little bit ago and we talked about
this rule and he talked to me about the blessings that come from being
obedient and if we really want the Spirit of the Lord to be with us we
need to be obedient even if it means following rules that we don't
really understand. So all of my exercise goals and physical goals will
have to be reevaluated and I'll have to learn how to make do with the
30 minutes that we have to work out in our apartment now each morning.
Also as just a cherry on top we will now no longer be able to wake up
before 6:30am. Before this rule my companion and I would wake up at
5:30am and go to the gym and make sure that we got a good workout in
but now we have to sleep later which will definitely be tougher to get
a good work out in.

Oh and by the way I'm doing this email on the voice recording
converting it to writing so if there is any grammatical errors or
spelling errors and does not my fault LOL. 😜

And I guess something else important happened this week. I got a
response from President Huntsman to my weekly email that I sent him
and he told me that our area here in Quantico is probably going to be
shut down because we are losing more elders than we are gaining this
transfer and so he is having to shut down six areas. He said Quantico
is likely to get shut down because we already have two other sets of
missionaries serving here. So that is why the title of my email is one
and done because Elder Arritt and I will probably be getting
transferred on Thursday. It's definitely a sensitive subject because I
love it here in Quantico but I guess we will just have to see what

A lot of exciting things happening this week. I'm so excited for this
upcoming week to see what happens with transfers I've been enjoyed my
first transfer was Elder Arritt. he is a stud is going to be a good
missionary throughout his whole mission. I've been blessed in so many
different ways this week and I'm so grateful for the Lord extending
his open arms to me during the ups and the downs. I love you all, I
hope you have a great week and I will talk to you soon.

- Elder LeishmanπŸ•΄

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