Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week #60 - "Jammin' in the name of the Lord"

Crazy Virginia weather this week! Monday was the hottest day of the
year AND we decided to play football that day. Bad idea because we
just all got drenched from the outdoor sauna. But, hey, it all for the
gainezzzzz...and it was still pretty fun.

One of my good mission buddies, elder Logan Frew, got picked up by his
family this week to go home so they took me and elder Holdaway out to
eat. He's going home a few weeks early for school. It was super weird
seeing someone who was just a missionary several days prior now with
his family in regular clothes.

We had zone conference this week. The topic was on following the
spirit in missionary work. President Heber j. Grant once said “I have
little or no fear for the boy or the girl, the young man or the young
woman, who honestly and conscientiously supplicate God twice a day for
the guidance of His Spirit. I am sure that when temptation comes they
will have the strength to overcome it by the inspiration that shall be
given to them. Supplicating the Lord for the guidance of His Spirit
places around us a safeguard, and if we earnestly and honestly seek
the guidance of the Spirit of the Lord, I can assure you that we will
receive it”.
One of the first steps to receiving guidance in our lives is to first
ask for it!

At the end of zone conference (we cut our presentation 15 minutes
short to hear from the rest of the zone) we wanted to have a testimony
meeting on experiences of following the spirit. So we shared our
experiences and then said "We would now like to open it up to all of
you to share your experiences, following your testimonies president
will have closing remarks and then we will sing.........." So we bare
our testimonies and sit down excited for all the testimonies and
stories everyone will share! As soon as we sit down, president stands
up and says "In closing, I just want to bare testimony in......"
...... Hahahaha the testimony meeting lasted pretty short. I'm pretty
sure he was just thinking about what he was going to share and just
missed the announcement we made about it being a testimony meeting,
but it was pretty funny.

We got in contact with a member of our ward named Phillip. Phillip was
baptized when he was 10. He's now in his mid 30s and hasn't been
active in church since he was a kid. He's literally hit rock bottom
with business deals flopping on him twice and now is jobless. He
reached out to us in an attempt to find strength in something. We had
a powerful lesson on how to increase and grow our faith. He bailed on
coming to church but is still willing to consistently meet with us.
Lots of hopes with him.

There's a couple other families were working on helping come back to
church. A lot of less active work in the area right now. On Saturday
morning our ward had a shepherding event where the whole elders quorum
had 6 names each of members in the roster who we need an update on and
they went out for 2 hours then returned and reported in what updates
were made. It was a brilliant idea and lots of progress was made.

Peruvian food is delicious, el Salvadorian food is perfect. We went
out to dinner with a family in our ward this week that took us to get
Peruvian food. I'm in love. We also went to lunch to a el Salvadorian
place. I now have 2 loves. Haha I'll send a pic of the pupusa.

That was my week! Everything is going well. Today we have our zone
activity. Im sure there will be pics next week. I'm loving my
companion, area, and mission. Love you all!

Have a great week!☺️

- Elder Tanner Leishman

P.s. Credits to Elder Holdaway. I used some of his email home because
we didn't have a lot of time to write today. Companionships that share
emails together, stay together. So thanks man!

Elder Frew - leaving to go home


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