Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week #63 - "For Sparta"

This week has definitely been on for the books. Literally records
broken haha. All I can say is elder Holdaway and I worked our tails
off this week....💪🏼
So I bet you're wondering why I used a quote from the movie "300" for
the title of my email this week. Well, it's because our mission set a
goal to find 300 new investigators in a week again. But this time we
threw a little twist on it, all of those new investigators had to be
invited to baptism In the first lesson or they didn't count towards
our goal. So last week we met together as a zone and decided that our
zone wanted to find 50 of those new gators. On average we usually find
20 and the last finding fest we found 39. So we were really trying to
step up our game to meet this goal. And then after we knelt down as a
zone and asked for the lord hand in accomplishing our goal. It was so
sweet. So this week rolls around and our whole zone is pumped about
finding. So they text us every time they find a new one and we send it
out to the zone. So we get to Saturday and we had found 35 as a zone.
Well, on Saturday we planned this zone finding fest within a finding
fest haha. I know it's kinda confusing but stay with me here. So we
asked all the members of our zone to block off their whole Saturday
afternoon. Well, on Saturday at 1pm we all met and had a little
testimony meeting then we all exchanged. So everyone went with a
different companion then normal and we all went out finding. We found
until 5pm when we all met back up again and had dinner and a testimony
meeting. Well, remember how I said we had found 35 up till Saturday??
Yeah, on Saturday alone, we found 25 new investigators as a zone!! It
was so dang sweet. We passed our goal of 50 new gators and ended up
getting 60 by the end of Saturday. Then we still had a whole day to
find more people. So we ended the week finding 68 new investigators as
a zone that we invited to baptism. It was so sweet. It was so amazing
to see us come together as a zone, unified towards our goal, then pray
and ask the lord for his help. And he did help us. He helped us more
than we could have imagined. He put so many prepared people in our
paths and we were able to teach them and invite them to be baptized. I
have such a testimony of goal setting and working hard to achieve that
goal. When we really work hard and show the lord we are committed to
his work, he will shower blessings on us.

That was definitely the highlight of my week this week. But throughout
the week elder Holdaway and I were able to find some sweet people. We
found a couple families who we were able to teach a lesson too and
also some of our former investigators that we had lost contact with,
we were able to reestablish contact. It's always so interesting who
you meet when you are out walking the streets. You come across some of
the most humble people ever as well as some of the weirdest people
I've ever met. It makes it all fun though and I love it.

On Wednesday we were able to have dinner at the Bercians and then have
a lesson with them. They are doing so great, Sandra is already in Alma
with her Book of Mormon reading 🙀🙀. And the boys are just the
biggest studs.

There is also a family in our ward that elder holdaway and I have
gotten pretty tight with. Their name is the najeras. They are so
sweet. They told us that whenever we don't have a dinner to text them.
And usually I never text people when they say that because I don't
like inviting myself to places. But for some reason we texted them one
of the days we didn't have dinner this week and they took us out to
eat at a place called guapos. It was so good 🍴🌮

This week is the last week of the transfer. I've been here in the
Manassas 1st ward for 4 transfer/6 months. I'm not sure if my time
here is up or not. (I sure hope it's not) But if it is, I love this
ward with all my heart. The members, the investigators, less actives,
recent converts. I love them all and they have a special place in my
heart. Hopefully I can stay another transfer but if not, these past 6
months have been awesome!

I love and miss you guys!

- Elder Leish

Ps. Sorry I'm sending his pretty early, we woke up early so we could
get our work out and stuff done so we can go into DC!

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