Monday, August 8, 2016

Week # 61 - "One love, One heart"

This week has been awesome. It's been filled with a couple exchanges
and a couple trips to the temple and even a MLC meeting. But first,
last Monday, we had our zone activity. We did it at this huge park in
Haymarket that had some basketball courts, a baseball field, a
football field, and some gazebo type things. It was so much fun. We
grilled up some hot dogs and had a little BBQ. We had the people
bring chips and fruit and things like that. I thought it was a big

On Tuesday, there was a youth temple trip. William and Brian were able
to go on this one and it was their first time so we got to go with
them. I went on an exchange with a Elder Burleson (my previous
companion, we found William and Brian) and we went up to the temple to
do baptisms with them. It was a beautiful experience and the boys
really enjoyed it and felt the spirit. Then, on Wednesday we had a
lesson at the Bercians house and William and Brian had two friends
that were over and they invited them to sit in on a lesson with us. So
they did, and we taught them the restoration. It was another miracle
of the week.

On Thursday, we had our MLC meeting which was awesome. President and
Sister Huntsman were able to address us. And they just had their son
return home from his mission in France. He was able to talk to us as
well. You can tell he was a great missionary. Daniel Huntsman
addressed us. He is presidents like 13 year old son. And he said
something that really stood out to me. He said "the harder we work,
the more prepared for success we are." He told us a story about how
him and president were training to climb a mountain and how the
training and practice was hard but that it was all worth it in the
end. At the end of his talk he said something else that stood out. He
said "being successful was determined before I even started." Remember
this is like a 13 year old boy talking to all of us. I thought that
was so awesome and it's so true. when we make up our mind that we want
to be successful, nobody can stop us. It comes down to all the hard
work we put in and the mindset we have with the situation we are in.
Determine now that you are going to be successful!! We also had
another exchange with a member of our ward that day named brother
Darrah. He's probably one of my favorite members I've served around in
my mission. He served his mission in Russia which is pretty dope. But
we were out visiting some people and got to hear some of his stories
from his mission.

Friday, we had our exchange with the the assistants in Fort Belvoir.
Fort Belvoir is a ward but it has the military base in it as well. We
were able to go to a members house who lives on base for dinner. That
was a pretty cool experience. Then we went out and worked. At the end
of the night we were walking back to the car and one of the elders
said he couldn't find the keys. So we got to looking and looked inside
the van and saw them sitting in the back seat with it completely
locked. So first, we tried to unlock the he door using a hanger. (Not
really a good idea, especially with the area we were in. Looked a
little suspicious haha) Then we just decided we would go get the
spare. But the spare was at the mission office which is like 20
minutes away from Fort Belvoir. Remember, this is the end of the
night. So by now it's like 9:45. So call the other guys to give us a
ride to the mission office and we get there and realize the key to the
mission office is on the keys to the van....😑 so we then have to
drive to the office elders house to pick up a different let to the
mission office so we can get in to get the spare. We finally get the
spare and head back to Fort Belvoir and we get to their apartment and
realize that we forgot to go get the van because we were so tired, the
whole reason this happened in the first place. By the time we got home
I think it was 11:30. Let's just say when I woke up at 5:45 the next
morning, I was a little tired....but it was fun to hang out with those
guys for a little bit.

Saturday was a packed day!! It started in Fort Belvoir at 6am. We then
drove back to Manassas really early in the morning to show and get
ready so we could be at bishop dzarans house at 8am for correlation.
We then drove straight from bishops house to President Dionne's house
(the stake president) for stake correlation and breakfast. After that,
we drove straight to the Bercians house so we could go do baptisms at
the temple with Jose and Sandra because they didn't get a chance to go
on Tuesday because of work. It was a jammed back day. It was awesome
though. Going to the temple again was such a great experience for me
and for Jose and Sandra. I was able to participate in the baptisms
this time. I did the confirmations with William and Brian but with
Sandra and Jose they needed my help with baptisms. I remember standing
in the font at the temple and thinking to myself, this really is the
work of salvation. I had been overcome with the spirit and I knew that
what I was doing was blessing someone on the other side of the veil.

This week was definitely one for the books. I really did see the lords
hand in every aspect of my life this week. I hope you all have a great
week. I love and miss ya! ✌🏼️🙏🏼

- Elder Tanner Leishman

Temple visit with William and Brian

Our late night activities with the Assistants

Elder Leishman and Elder Holdaway eating dinner at the Larsen's home (from Provo High)

Dinner with a member from Elder Holdaways last area at Olive Garden in Manassas

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