Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #62 - "Email titles are mainstream"

My email is going to be pretty short today. But, What a wonderful week to be in the service of the lord. Elder Holdaway and I were pretty sick this week though which made it kind of tough. But we will get over it here soon! We had a lot of great things going on with some of the less active members of our ward. There are like 3 of them that are SOO close to coming to church. Most of them I've been working with about the whole time I've been in Manassas. I've really grown to love them a lot and want nothing more than to see them experience the blessings of he gospel. 

Our mission is having a huge finding fest next week and we are going to try and find 300 new investigators as a mission again but is time we are going to invite them all to baptism in the first lesson. I'm excited because it will really boost our teaching pool up and we can get some more people to teach! 

Today for pday we went to the boarder of the mission and went on a little hike/trail thing that has some sweet places to stop for some views. It was awesome. It took up most of our pday. I'll make sure I send some pics. Also, we stopped at this place called Cooters. And if any of you are Dukes of Hazzard fans. You'll know what I'm talking about and you'll enjoy the picture. 

And finally, shout out to my boy elder simpson. It's his birthday today. ☝🏼️😏

I feel like I've had so many experiences in the past few weeks that have helped me really solidify my testimony. I went from being a new missionary and not even knowing if I believe this stuff to now having a rock solid testimony. I love being a missionary, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything! 

Much love!

- Elder Leish

Zone activity a couple of weeks ago

Pday adventure

Visiting the border of the Washington DC South Mission

At Cooter's - the old guy from the Duke's of Hazard still lives there.

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