Monday, May 30, 2016

Week #51 - Transfer week

Well, I'm heading to the temple this morning to do a session with
bishop Dzaran to end off the great week. That's why I'm sending this
email so early! I'm super excited!

This week was definitely a good one. I can't believe it's already
Memorial Day and so close to June! That means I'm almost to my year
mark. Wait, what!! ☝🏼️ it definitely doesn't feel like it's almost
been a year. I feel like I was just at home the other day. It's crazy
to see time fly right before your eyes. I wish I knew as much at the
beginning of my mission, like how to do missionary work more
efficiently and what not. There are so many ways I could have improved
then and now. A mission is like a constant learning process. You're
learning a new lesson everyday and most days, that lesson is on
patience. I have seen so many ways the lord has tried my patience or
pushed me to the edge and it wasn't until a trial of my faith that the
lord came through in the clutch and pulled me out of it. Isn't it such
a testimony builder the way the lord works? He lets us endure until it
seems like our only other option is to give up, then he extends his
arm. I think everyday we experience a trial of our faith. Everything
we do on a mission is trying our faith. From getting up in the morning
at 6am, to being at studies at 8am or even being in bed by 10:30pm.
Those are all trials of faith. The lord is testing us, seeing if we
are willing to be obedient to the mission schedule. And if we are, he
has promised to pour out the windows of heaven upon our area. The same
goes for life at home. The lord has given commandments that we are to
follow and if we do, he will bless us and our families. Whenever we go
through a trial of our faith and endure to the end of it, the has
promised that he will ALWAYS bless us when we do what he says (D&C

As for this week, it was eventful. We went on an exchange with the
warrenton elders this week. I went with elder Stenquist. He is a stud.
He's from Idaho Falls, ID. He is thinking about going home and trying
to play baseball in college. We got some good work in. We taught a ton
of lessons that day. That's one thing I love about being here in
Manassas, you can teach like none other. But getting investigators to
keep commitments is the hard part. But it was a good exchange. I
always love going on exchange because you get a new feel for how other
missionaries work.

On Saturday we helped a member out with some gardening. I think I
found a new hobby. Lol. But it was fun and super hot and humid. It's
getting to that time of year again. Let the sweaty dress shirts and
slacks begin. It's all part of the experience right? Haha.

On Sunday, William and Brian got the Aaronic priesthood. It was so
cool to see them start to progress in the gospel post baptism. I'm so
happy for them and all the steps they are taking to become disciple of
Jesus Christ. Cool story, so we have stake conference this coming
weekend and Elder L. Whitney Clayton if the presidency of the seventy
is coming to preside. And he is doing a fireside especially for the
youth of the stake and our stake president, president Dionne, needed
someone to say the opening prayer at the fireside. So he was praying
about it, and the answer he got was William! So bishop Dzaran asked
William if he would be willing to do it and William said yes. I'm so
pumped. William and Brian are such studs. I wish you all could meet

What an awesome week it was! I love and miss you all! Have a good week!

- Elder Tanner Leishman

P.S. I played a little more ball this week. Check the video. It's only
like half way in the video but still fun. Haha. 🏀

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