Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week #52 - Eat. Sleep. Grind. Repeat.

Holy cow, it was a busy week for us here in Manassas. This coming week
will be even busier and I'll hit my year mark! What, what!!!

Every week we teach an English class and this week we had 5 people
come, 3 of which were non members! The funny thing is about teaching
English to Spanish people is that neither me or elder Holdaway know
any Spanish! Well, I guess I know enough to Do a door approach or
order some tacos. But what we do is read a paragraph from the ensign,
have them underline words they don't know how to pronounce or what the
definition is, we write them on the board then google translate them
and teach them how to pronounce it, then read another paragraph and do
the same. At the end we do a church tour! It was really fun, it was my
first time doing the English class when people actually showed up!

We're teaching a bunch of really great people!

Julie: She's from the less fortunate part of the area where every
other person has a pit bull and everywhere you look there's a
shirtless African American walking around all tatted up and EVERYONEs
pants are closer to their knees then they are to their waist! Hahaha
but Julie is great. She's a 50 year old woman who's very kind and very
simple. She's been getting taught for three weeks and is shooting for
June 25 for her baptism! She came to church this week and had a
wonderful experience.

Jose and Sandra: their two kids William and Brian were just baptized 3
weeks ago. They are shooting for July 9. They are from El Salvador and
are great! Sandra invited her friends to the English class and is the
reason we had more people show up! They both came to church this week
and we met with them to teach the gospel, law of chastity and word of
wisdom. They are solid and have definitely seen the blessings from
their kids getting baptized.

Angel and Isaiah: Homies from the hood! Angel met with us twice this
week and we talked about the Book of Mormon and plan of salvation, his
friend Isaiah (one of the "African Americans walking around all tatted
up with his pants closer to his knees") listened to bits of plan of
salvation too and they both said they'd be down to come to church
BUT... They bailed. Angel said he'll pray about baptism though. He's
definitely more solid then Isaiah and has told us he's felt the spirit
on asking if the Book of Mormon is true.

Another sweet experience, so remember all those guys we played ball
with all the time? Yeah, well we were talking to them this week
outside their apartment and there was probably 4 or 5 of them out
there when one of them finally agreed to a lesson (since we've been
asking him if we could teach him since the first day we met him like 4
months ago). So they all put out their cigarettes and put their beers
down and listened to a lesson. It was awesome. A couple of them were
more egged than the others but it was still awesome to finally see the
fruits of dunking on people come to fruition.

All in all, it was a great week! I'm super excited for this coming
week because on Friday I hit my year mark! I'm going to celebrate over
some cookie salad courtesy of my wonderful mother and family back
home! I love and miss you all! ☝🏼️ down, ☝🏼️ to go! John 4:36

- Elder Tanner Leishman

We sent Tanner the ingredients to make "cookie salad" in his hump day package.  He's celebrating 1 down - 1 to go!!

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