Monday, June 27, 2016

Week #55 - New mission record!!

So, this week elder Holdaway and i decided we would try to beat the
mission record for copies of the Book of Mormon handed out in a week!
The previous record was 93, held by the one and only Elder "Big Z"
Simpson (shouts out to my fam. Sorry I had to do it to ya...😉). But
here's how we did it.... 💯

So we planned a bunch of member splits and exchanges with other
missionaries to concentrate as many "hands on deck" as possible for
procelyting in our area this week. We decided to make our goal 150
copies of the book of
Mormon and in order to do that we would have to hand out 22 a day!
With miracles, tons of planning, lots of accountability and
hard work we passed out 154! We were SO exhausted every night but it paid
off immensely! We LITERALLY handed out copies of the book of Mormon to
every person we
saw, whether it was at a gas station while we're filling up gas, chasing
someone down from across the street or trying to squeeze in a couple Book
of Mormon in our "in between times" we made it work!

There was a lot of funny experiences this week with all the people we
talked to. One guy swung the door open after we knocked and said "NO
you even read?!" He pointed to a sign at the bottom of the stairs. He then
angrily put up an argument then shut the door. We went to the sign at the
bottom of the stairs and..... It said no smoking or littering... Hahaha
that was pretty funny.

One day this week we visited a less active part member family and
tried teaching the kids, but there was also Jehovah witness
missionaries there at the same time. So we taught the son in one room
while the Jehovah's Witness missionaries taught the daughter in the
other room. Went on an exchange with the elders in the Chinese program
this week. I definitely don't understand a lick of Chinese. I felt
like a dear in the headlights most of the night! It's such a cool
language to listen to though! We got some great work in.

I'm running tight on time today cuz we've got zone activity to put
together. We're going to a park off of bull run river that's right around a
bend so it's like a park with a river bordering most of it. It looks so
cool! We're setting up a volleyball net, soccer, baseball and football. We
also assigned every companionship a food group. It should be a blast! We
just have a lot of set up to do for the activity.

This week was hands down one of the best weeks of mission because I
came home last night just completely exhausted. After all the hard
work elder Holdaway and I put in, we were so excited to get a little
time off for pday. This week taught me such a great lesson on
perseverance and diligence. It also confirmed and helped me strengthen
my testimony of setting goals. We worked our tails off to reach our
goal of 150 copies of the Book of Mormon and for the other key
indicator goals we set. There is so much satisfaction that comes from
just checking something off. It was an awesome week! I'm excited to
see where everything goes this week with all our new investigators!

Love you all!

- Elder Tanner Leishman

Pic - as we were out grinding this week, we ran into some hippies that
have been traveling across America. And boy, let me tell you, they
need to shower ASAP!!! Also, they were all high off something, who
knows what it was but they were literally just like your stereotypical
hippies. But it was pretty stinking funny. Oh, and all 6 of them fit
into that small back car....😷

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