Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week #48 - "I love my momma and the rest of my family - including Ryan!" and African Dance Party

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms out there. I'm so glad I
got to talk to my mom on Mother's Day! She's a Saint. She's beautiful,
fun, smart, and determined to have her kids stay on the right path.
What more could you ask from a mom? I sure do love my momma. I'm glad
I got to talk to her, dad, the boys, and Ryan. It was such a good
little one hour reunion.These times in the mission are always so
bitter sweet. I love seeing my family but it's super hard to jump back
to normal missionary life. But, it does give you extra motivation to
get out and work. Knowing that you have your family rooting for you
and praying for you just makes it so much easier. But it's still
difficult. I'm blessed to have an amazing support system so close to
me. #Blessed

So, I forgot to tell you guys a funny story last week. I remembered it
right after I sent my email last week. So this one afternoon we were
out and about. We were in this one neighborhood trying by one of our
new investigators who we had street contacted and he just gave us his
house number. So we are looking for the house and can't find it. His
house number was like 9025 and the houses only went up to 9024 so we
decided to knock on that one because it was the closest. As we were
walking up to the door, we hear some like African tribal musical just
blaring. Straight up bumping this stuff. And so as we get closer, I
start to dance a little bit, get my shake on. And then my comps start
to join in. So we are dancing I front of this door when the people
inside see us and open the door and tell us to come in. We then
proceed to have a 5 minute African dance party with some random people
we'd never met before. It was hands down the funnest part of my week.
They started video taping us and taking selfies with us. So if you see
some Mormon missionaries getting jiggy with it on some YouTube video.
It's probably me and my comps hahaha. AND......yes wait, there is
more. We come to find out that our investigator actually lives at that
house. He just gave us the wrong number before. Pretty dang sick huh!!
Gotta love how the spirit works.

Our most progressing investigators, William and Brian, are now on date
to be baptized on May 28th!! I'm so dang pumped. The rest of their
family is going to hold off a month and wait for their dad to get
baptized with them as well. (His progression is a little slower
because we started teaching him later) but I'm so pumped for them.
They are so excited for their baptismal date. It's going to be sweet.
There are also some investigators in our ward that the sisters are
teaching that asked elder Burleson and I to baptize her daughters, so
we might be baptizing some people this week haha. It's going to be a
real few weeks for the Manassas 1st ward.

I'm so glad I'm getting the chance to labor in the lord vineyard. I've
seen the hand of the lord in so many ways of my life. I see it on a
daily basis. I wish you all could see it as first hand as I am. I
encourage you all to look for the lords hand, even in the small
aspects of your life. You will amazed to see it. I love you all! Have
a good week!

- Elder Tanner Leishman
Pictures from the mission leadership council this week!

With the Stake President and his family

At Leadership meeting

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