Monday, May 2, 2016

Week #47 - Another day, another dollar

How is everyone doing? I hope all is well with you guys. I'm doing
great down here in Manassas, VA. We have been keeping busy the three
of us. We have had a lot of finding this week and checking back on
people who said we could come back. It was pretty sweet. There's this
one part of our area, its not the best part of the area. A lot of low
income people. But we have been finding a ton of sweet people there. I
think in the span of 3 blocks, we have 7 investigators. It's been
awesome. We haven't been able to play ball over there yet though. But
when we do, it's going to be sick. No cool basketball stories from
this week. It has been raining a lot so not a lot of people have been
out playing. But, just you wait haha.

This week we got a new bishop in the Manassas 1st ward. Our old
bishop, bishop jones, is mov into Kansas here pretty soon so we were
in need of a new one. They called one of my favorite ward members to
be the bishop. His name is Brother Dzaran. Well no, Bishop Dzaran. He
is a sweet guy. He is a convert to the church of probably 12 years.
Coolest guy I've ever met. Absolutely loves missionary work which
means it's going to be sweet for the missionaries that serve here.

This week I have been able to study about Ammon in my personal study
and man, is he one stud. All of the sons of Mosiah are studs. Ammon
particularly stands out, no because he chopped off a bunch of bad guys
arms, but because of his courage and his faith. To be able to
withstand King Lamoni's dad and eventually converting him. I think a
prime example of this is found in Alma 20:17-18. It says:

"17 But Ammon stood forth and said unto him: Behold, thou shalt not
slay thy son; nevertheless, it were better that he should fall than
thee, for behold, he has repented of his sins; but if thou shouldst
fall at this time, in thine anger, thy soul could not be saved.

18 And again, it is expedient that thou shouldst forbear; for if thou
shouldst slay thy son, he being an innocent man, his blood would cry
from the ground to the Lord his God, for vengeance to come upon thee;
and perhaps thou wouldst lose thy soul."

That's got to take some guts on the side of Ammon to say that. He had
completely faith and trust in the lord at that particular moment. If
only I could have that when I go teach. I definitely try my hardest.
But I feel it's something that doesn't come over time. You have to
constantly being trying to turn your will over to the lord and have
complete faith and trust in him.

I hope you all have a good week!

Much love!

- Elder Tanner Leishman

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