Monday, April 25, 2016

Week #46 - "The 3 Amigos"

Well, this week was pretty busy! We had transfers this week which made
a little addition to our companionship. Elder Burleson and I are now
in a tri-panionship haha. So our new companion is Elder Flowers. He's
from St. George, UT as well. He actually went to DHills with me but I
didn't ever meet him till we got out here on the mission. He's been
out a little bit less than me, he's been out 7 months I think. So it's
pretty crazy to be with someone who knows most the people you know
haha. He's a sweet guy though and I'm glad I get a chance to be
companions with him in our trio. He will bring a lot of new ideas to
the table.

On Thursday this week, we ran into one of the guys we play basketball
with. His name is Meech. He was telling us that some other street ball
guys had been smack talking to them about how their team would beat
Meech's team. And Meech told them that he wouldn't lose because he had
a secret weapon, the Mormons. So then the next day Keith texted us
(our potential investigator that we usually play ball with) and said
they were going to be playing on Saturday afternoon at the Manassas
Park rec center, and that he wanted us to come play with them. So we
thought about it and decided we thought it would be a good proselyting
tool, as long as we played in proselyting clothes. So we did. We took
our basketball shoes, wore our white shirts, ties, and slacks and went
and played pick up ball at the rec center. should have seen
the looks one everyone's faces when we walked in and started to lace
up our shoes. And then even better, you should have seen the looks we
got when we started whooping up on everyone. It's was hands down the
funnest part of the week. Every time we would score or make a play,
everyone would yell. It was awesome. It reminded me of high school
basketball. Elder Flowers didn't play and he got a couple videos so I
will attach them in the email. Man, it was so awesome. And the best
part about it was after we got done playing we were talking to Keith
about what we do as missionaries and he agreed to let us teach him a
lesson next time we go play ball. Over all, it was an awesome day!!

I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve our Heavenly
Father. He's been working miracles on the people I'm teach, but as
well as working miracles on me. #Blessed I love and miss you guys!

- Elder Tanner Leishman

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