Monday, April 18, 2016

Week #45

Well, this week was pretty good. We found a couple of new investigators this week which was good. We had a bunch of meetings
to go to this week which was good. I like going to meetings. Haha said
nobody ever. But some of the meetings were actually pretty good, they
were some very revelatory experiences. That's one thing I love about
being a missionary, I feel like I have really come to pay attention in
meetings a lot more and really take and do the things that they are
saying. It's pretty awesome.

We played basketball again this week with our homies at the park. We
actually got beat this time. They had this one Hispanic guy on their
team that was raining threes. He hit a couple in Elder Burlesons face
haha. It was some good fun though and we are making progress with
teaching a few of those guys.

Not too much more to talk about from this week, we have transfers
coming up and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be staying in Manassas. I'm
pretty excited. I love being in Manassas and I'm excited to see which
missionaries come to our zone this transfer. It's going to be pretty
exciting. One thing I have learned on my mission is to brush things
off. Like whenever someone yells at you, brush it off. When you've
been tracting and someone wants to bible bash with you, brush it off.
If you are getting annoyed by people, brush it off. There are
somethings out there that just aren't worth arguing about. Contentions
drives away the spirit and we should always be striving to have the
spirit with us. I hope you all have a great week!

- Elder Tanner Leishman
The zone activity last week was to make tie dye shirts.

Elder Leishman visited Pablo at his Great Harvest Bread Co in Warrenton, VA

We met Pablo in 2009 when we were in training together in Dillon, MT to talk over our Great Harvest store.  He took great care of the boys!!

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