Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week #49 - "Crusing down the street in my 6 4"

This week has been an amazing one to say the absolute least. It all
started out on Tuesday, we had zone teaching. Elder Burleson and I
were able to instruct the zone on the things we learned from MLC last
week. It was pretty sweet. We had the Chinese missionaries in our zone
present as well. Props to those guys. 1. for learning Chinese. 2. For
trying to find Chinese people out here that are prepared. Those guys
are studs. Shouts out to my boy Elder "Big Z" Simpson over there in
the fairfax area speaking Chinese, represent💪🏼🈵. After zone
teaching, we had an exchange with the APs. It was awesome. I love
going down to Fort Belvoir (the APs area) and working with them for
the day. I went with Elder Jones this time. He's one of my best
friends out here on the mission. He goes home in like a week though
which is crazy. We had a good day contacting people and teaching some
lessons. We biked around for the day which was fun, I hadn't biked
around since I was in the Wakefield ward. I kinda miss it. Shhh...
Don't tell President Huntsman though. I don't want to go back to a
bike area haha. But at the end of the night, him and I walked over to
this little pond thing had just talked for a while. It was so nice
just to be able to be real with someone and not have to worry about
time or a schedule or anything else like that. Hands down the best
exchange I've gone on my whole mission.

On Thursday, we were going to pick up a dinner that one of the members
in our ward made when we saw some guys out playing basketball on a
street court, immediately my spidy senses were tingling. We needed to
get over there. So we hurried and picked up the dinner and wNt over to
the hoop. We got talking to the guys and asked if they wanted to play
2on2. And they were down with it so we started to play. Literally the
rest is history, dunked on one of the dudes(see video) and we beat
them pretty bad both games we played. But the best part of it is that
we made a deal with them that if we won, they had to listen to a
lesson. After we beat them the first game, they said double or
nothing. So we took it. And we whipped up on them again. So after we
got done playing, we taught them the restoration. We now have two new
investigators from it and we have already had another lesson with one
of them. Finding through basketball, I'm starting to think that's my
specialty haha.

Another cool thing that happened this week, so our ward has elders and
sisters that serve here. And the sisters had a baptism this past
weekend but they had nobody to baptize two of the daughters in the
family. So they asked us to baptize them! It was awesome. It's always
so nice to be a part of someone's conversion process. I'll send come
pictures from their baptism. Also, some great news regarding William
and Brian, they are getting baptized THIS week. There was some
building complications so we had to bump their baptism up to this
weekend! They were totally cool with it. I'm super excited as well
because Brian asked me to baptize him! They are hands down the most
prepared kids I've ever met. And, it gets even better. I know you're
probably thinking "how could this get any better?" But don't worry, it
does. We put William and Brian's parents on fate for July!! It has
been such an eventful week for them. It's so cool To see their
progression. This coming week is going to be fun! I'll let you know
how it goes next week! I hope everyone is doing well. I love and miss
you all! Be good!

Peace and Blessings! ✌🏼

- Elder Tanner Leishman

"We made a deal with them, if we beat them, they had to listen to a lesson."

The Sister missionaries in our area asked us to baptize some sisters that they had been teaching.  It was so awesome!

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