Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week #100 - "No Car, No Problem"

Holy. Cow. What a week it has been. I feel like I have accomplished so
much this week. It feels great. Transfer weeks are always very busy.

Quick, someone give me an update on the NBA playoffs....

Elder Nielsen and I got a call from the Assistants last Monday night
informing us that we would have to give up our car for the next
transfer since they had to open up some new sister areas. No worries
though. That gives me a good opportunity to bust out the 10-speed for
this last transfer. And boy, let me tell you, it's been a blessing. I
FINALLY PLAYED SOME STREET BALL AGAIN. So we were walking home one
night (our bikes hadn't been dropped off yet) and we came across this
park that had a basketball court with some homies playing. And of
course, by this time my spidy senses were tingling. Anyways, we decide
we were going to go watch for a minute or two since we had a couple
extra minutes before we had to be home. Well, as we are siting there,
they end up needing one more guy and one of the homies on the court
yells up to me to come down and jump in. So in my head I'm thinking,
"oh yeah baby, here's my chance. Don't mess it up." Well, I get down
there and all the guys were laughing and asking if I was really going
to play in dress shoes, slack, and a white shirt and tie. I humbly
told them yes and the game got started. There's nothing I love more
than when you make a sick move on someone dressed in missionary
clothes and everyone watching starts to freak out and yell. It is so
cool. By the time we were done playing, a small crowd had come to
watch the games. It was so cool. We played two games and my team won
one and lost one. After we finished, all the guys came up to me and
told me to come back and play again. My favorite comment of the night
though went as follows, "thanks for hoopin man, surprisingly you were
pretty good. Come back again and bring some sneakers. I don't even
know what you will do then." Its times like this that I will miss so
much when my mission is over.

We had some great lessons with our investigators. Still working on
getting Kevin and his family baptized. I feel like it's just one
hiccup after another. But it will all workout. We also found two new
investigators this week. Another Mongolian family!! They are awesome.
I'd tell you their name but I can't even pronounce it, let alone spell
it. It looks like our efforts to find are starting to pay off. This
new family was a referral from another Mongolian member family. Turn

We have been doing a lot of missionary work with the members lately.
Gotta get them to help us find some new investigators. The members in
the Arlington 2nd Ward are awesome. Now they just need to show their
friends how awesome they are at church haha. Hopefully we can get some
new people to work with form it.

Elder Simpsons mom took my companion and i out to dinner this week. It
was crazy how it happened. It was super last minute, I'm glad i got to
meet Momma Simpson though. She was awesome and she brought her son,
McKay. That's my brothers name too! 😎 no need to fear though, we kept
our dinner pretty short because we had an appointment so I'll be
excited to get to know the Simpson fam more after the mission.  I'm
super excited for Mothers Day next week. Can't wait to talk to my Fam.
It's one of the two best days of the year!

All in all, it was a great week. I love being a full-time missionary.
There's nothing better. I hope you all have a swell week. I love and
miss you allπŸ’™

Elder Leishman

With Elder Simpson's Mom

Playing a little street ball

Shout out to McKay

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