Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week #98 - April 🌧🚿 Bring May 🌹🌷

As I look at the forecast for this next could days, all I can see is
rain. Rain, rain, go away, come again ... in two months after I'm
gone. Haha I actually love the rain. Just not when I get proselyte in
it. It does make for some fun mission stories though. For instance,
when I was with Elder Arritt in Fair Oaks, we were out on our bikes
getting ready to head home for the night. We hadn't been biking for 5
minutes when it just started to down pour on us. We still had a 15
minute ride left. Needless to say, we were sopping wet when we got
home. Luckily, Elder Nielsen and I have a car so we can stay a little
more dry. The good thing is that there will be a ton of beautiful
flowers that start to blossom in May because of all this rain! 🌼🌸🌺

It was a wonderful week this week. Last pday we spent some time at
Great Falls. I had gone there earlier on in my mission and had a
blast. We had a great time this week as well. The weather was perfect.
Just a little overcast and not too humid. I really enjoyed it.

On Tuesday, we had interviews with President Huntsman. Interviews are
probably my favorite days of each transfer. It's so refreshing to sit
down and talk with my mission president. He's the best.

We have been able to teach our investigator, Kevin, and his family
everyday this week. They love having us come by and visit each day.
This week, Tuya (Kevin's wife), was able to join us for almost all of
the lessons. She has been progressing well. Who knows, maybe Kevin's
baptism was postponed to give his whole family an opportunity to be
baptized with him? That would be perfect. Kevin is a huge example to
me. He has been texting us each morning with scriptures that he read.
He is so prepared.

I've been thinking a lot about how awesome the members of the church
are this week. Primarily after we left our bishops house on Sunday
evening. Our bishop and his family are awesome! Unfortunately, their
youngest daughter took a tumble right before we showed up and had a
pretty big cut on her head. With that came a little commotion with
people getting ready to go to the ER, kids cleaning up dinner, and the
bishop needing to correlating with us. But even with all of this going
on, I could still feel the Spirit so strong in their home. It was
amazing. I was taken back for a moment as I just reflected on how
thankful I am for wonderful families, like our bishop, that provide
such Spirit-filled homes. This has happened numerous time over the
course of my mission with a host of different families. They have all
been testimony building experiences.

I was saddened to hear the passing of Ann Francis. She was always so
nice to me when I would see her. I'll never forget her sweet spirit. I
will keep her and their family in my prayers. On the bright side,
grandma Leishman will have someone to hang out with now in heaven.

The pictures this week are from the video that we made with our
district. If you haven't had a chance to check it out on Facebook, go
look it up! It's reposted on my Facebook.

What a wonderful week. Till next, I love and miss you!

Elder Tanner Leishman

Ps. If you could offer up a quick prayer for my guy, Elder Arritt. He
found out this week he needs to return home from his mission for some
medical testing. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, please. He's a
trooper. I love that kid.

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