Monday, April 3, 2017

Week #95 - General conference

What a wonderful weekend we just had. I absolutely loved General
Conference. There were so many great messages and the spirit impressed
on me numerous things I can be doing to be a better disciple of Jesus
Christ. I'll get into more of the details on Conference a little later
on in the email.

Our week last week was pretty busy. So we finally have some solid
investigators!!! We got them passed to us from the Arlington 1st Ward
sisters. They moved to our area about a week ago (pun intended). Their
names are Kevin and Benjamin. They are awesome. They have a Baptismal
date of April 15th. We were able to watch some of General Conference
with them. They really enjoyed it. Kevin loved hearing the words of
the apostles and prophets. They are both looking forward to their
baptism. I'll send an update next week on their progress 😊

I've been super blessed to serve around awesome members my whole
mission. I have developed a strong family-like relationship with a
number of people. I'm looking forward to making more of them in the
Arlington 2nd Ward. But one of my favorite families from my mission
came to Arlington this week and took Elder Nielsen and I out to
dinner. Shout out to the Rickards for dinner. I love the members of
the church in the DC area!

General Conference weekend is like Christmas as a missionary. To me,
the big things that stood out were understanding the promptings of the
spirit and examining our motives. One of my favorite talks was
President Uchtdorf in Priesthood Session. He talked about how we use
our leadership for good and that we should let God direct us. Really,
all of President Uchtdorf's talks this Conference hit home with me.
I'm looking forward to going back and studying them. I also liked S.
Mark Palmers talk. I met him while I was serving in Manassas. It's an
awesome story how I met him, email me and I'll tell youπŸ˜‰

Well, today has probably been the most boring pday of my entire
mission. All the elders in my zone like to play this game similar to
Dungeons and Dragons except for myself, Elder Hansen, and Elder
Duvall. So we play basketball and workout all day. Oh the joys πŸ™‰
here's a pic of us to commemorate!

I'm so grateful for my testimony of the restored gospel! There were so
many faith building experiences this weekend. I love our prophet,
Thomas S. Monson. I'm grateful I got to hear him speak this weekend. I
love and miss you all! Talk soon!

Elder Leishman

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