Monday, March 27, 2017

Week #94 - "The final area"

Not going to lie, this week felt like it took forever to get to pday.
With all the craziness that goes on with transfers and packing, I feel
like it's been 2 weeks since I've emailed. But, nonetheless, it was an
exciting week. I'm now serving in Arlington, VA. It's completely
different than my last area. There are SO many people! It's probably
going to be my final area because I only have one transfer left after
this one. We have a car in this area which is a blessing and a curse.
It's a blessing because we can get some much more done. It's a curse
because it's terrible finding free parking around Arlington. And to
add to it all, they are super tow-happy! For instance, we parked our
car and we were probably gone for 45 mins max and we came outside and
the tow truck driver had already lifted our car and was about to drive
off with it. I tried to get him to just drop it for us and we would be
on our way but he said he would only do it for $50 (I even tried to
give him my Chipotle gift card but he wouldn't take it). So I'm now
down $50 and have no money to get groceries today lol. Hey, it's
better than having to pay $140 after they tow it!

It's been fun getting to learn the area. We cover downtown Arlington
which is super confusing to try and navigate but I'm getting better.
I've been blessed to meet some awesome members here that love
missionary work. We also just got a new bishop yesterday so hopefully
we can get some great things rolling. My first day in the area we were
trying by some former investigators and met a new lady named Maria.
She is awesome. We taught her the restoration and she loved it. We
shared some spiritual experiences together. we stopped by later on in
the week to give her a copy of the Book of Mormon in Spanish. She was
very grateful! I'll keep you posted on what happens with with her.

My new companion, Elder Nielsen, is a funny guy. He's from Mesa, AZ.
He went to BYU before his mission for a summer term. He's a pole
vaulter. That's pretty unique. I'm excited to work with him. Hopefully
he can get some people dunked.

Yesterday, we went to a baptism of one of the McLean 1st Sisters
investigators. We brought our investigator, Jeff. It was an awesome
service. There were so many people, probably the most I've ever seen
at a baptism. Now we just need to do that in Arlington πŸ˜‹

All in all, it was a fun week. I'm loving it here in Arlington so far
and I know the lord has so many blessings in store for us through our
diligence and hard work. Time to hit the grindπŸ’ͺ🏼 have a great week!

Elder Leishman

Pa. I'll try and send a pic of my new comp and I after we go get hair cuts lol

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