Monday, March 13, 2017

Week #92 - March Madness 🌨❄️πŸ€

It's that time of year. My favorite month-long holiday, March
Madness😎. So first off, let's get to the important stuff, can someone
send me a copy of the bracket? I mean, I have about the same odds as
everyone else when picking the games and I haven't even watched all
season!! 😜

You know what else is "mad" about march? The fact that we are supposed
to get a foot of snow over the next 3 days... what the? It hasn't
snowed all winter and now, when it's supposed to start warming up, it
snows? I'm so conflicted. Do I put the winter clothes away or not?
Someone help!

Well, Elder Williams and I had a better week. We pounded the pavement
HARD! After our week prior, we knew we needed to find some more people
so we decided to just go out and start knocking. We set a goal to
knock 100 doors a day for the rest of the transfer. On our first day
of 100 doors, we found 3 new investigators. It was awesome! The Lord
blessed us extremely. I'm convinced that because we showed Heavenly
Father our dedication to finding new people, and what we were willing
to sacrifice to find them, he put prepared people in our path. Another
miracle of our 'finding week' was that we got a call from this random
guy named Michael. He said that he had met with missionaries before
and wanted to meet up and talk with us. We met him later that day at
Dunkin Donuts and taught him the restoration. He is really interesting
in changing religions. We committed him to be baptized and invited him
to church. And guess what? HE CAME! He was an hour late because he
forgot to turn his clock up with day light savings but he still came!
It was amazing, a huge tender mercy from the Lord to us. More to come
on our new friend, Michael.

We had some good lessons with our current investigators this week. We
met with Anna again, she is AWESOME!! She has already read through 1
Nephi 14. The lesson we had was perfect. We read through one of my
favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon, Alma 32. We moved her
baptismal date back just a couple weeks so she can make it out to
church 3 times before then. She is now working for April 15th! I'm so
excited, she's one of a kind!

I've been learning so many great things lately in my studies. I'm
almost finished with the Book of Mormon. I play to start it again on
Friday for my 90-day challenge! Great things to come! I love and miss
you all!

Peace and Blessin's,
Elder Leishman

Ps. Last pday we were playing basketball with the zone. Needless to
say, I still got it. πŸ€‘ Well, somewhat... my πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ ball was on point.
That's about it haha. ⛹πŸ»πŸ€

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