Monday, April 17, 2017


Happy Easter!! 🐰🐣

Let me just start off by saying that this was probably one of the most
unique weeks of my mission thus far. There was a number of "firsts"
that happened. Unfortunately, the baptism we were going to have this
weekend is getting postponed for about a month from now. We didn't
find out it would have to be moved till the night before. It's a crazy
long story that I could type out and give you all the details but I'll
save you the time. Needless to say, we are going to be planning a
wedding before his next Baptismal date. 😉 We did spent a lot of time
with Kevin and Benjamin this week though even with the postponed date.
They were and are still prepared and excited for the things that are
ahead. We were trying to find some other ways that we could keep daily
contact with the, so we decided to go and play a little basketball
with them at the park. It was a lot of fun. Kevin isn't too bad of a
baller. We got some good games in but you guys all know the outcome. I
hate to lose, so we didn't 😛 Kevin is awesome. He didn't even let the
postponed baptism get him down. He's excited to get baptized in a
month or so!

Elder Nielsen and I have been trying to be out walking on the streets
and in public areas a lot more so people can see us. It has led to a
bunch of people asking, "Hey, do you guys work here?" or "Where can I
find....?" I never knew people could mistake us so many times for
employees at grocery stores. Funny story. Elder Nielsen was over
looking at some of the fruit in a store and a guy came up to him and
asked him where he could find something in the store (thinking that
Elder Nielsen worked there). He kindly told him that he didn't work
there and the guy walked away. Well, the guy left Elder Nielsen and
walked directly to me and proceeded to ask me the same question....🤔
hmm...sorry sir, I don't work here either.😂 Maybe its the white
shirt, tie, and name tag? What do you think? Being out and about and
not it the car all the time is so much fun. The weather is beautiful
and you get to talk to soo many wonderful people!

As I mentioned last week, we had a mission-wide fireside Saturday
evening with Elder Ronald A. Rasband. This was hands down the
highlight of my week. Let me give you a little back story on why Elder
Rasband was in our mission for the 2nd time this year. My mission
president, President Huntsman, started to work for his dad's company
when he was out of college. His father owned the business and had a
right-hand man, Elder Rasband. So President Huntsman's boss was Elder
Rasband. Pretty cool? President and Sister Huntsman's daughter was
getting married this weekend and since Elder Rasband and the
Huntsman's have been great friends, he was able to come for the Temple
Sealing in the Washington D.C. Temple. They were able to arrange a
fireside in the evening after the sealing for all missionaries and
investigators. Elder and Sister Rasband weren't the only special
guests. Brother and Sister Huntsman Sr. were in attendance as well. It
was probably the best fireside I've ever been too. I kept hyping it up
in my mind all week and it did not disappoint. Throughout the whole
fireside I felt an outpouring of the Spirit. The whole time I could
feel the presence of the Holy Ghost testifying to my heart that the
things the speakers were saying were true. It was amazing. I never
wanted it to end. Even after it was done and all the guests walked
out, I got a little choked up. I was so sad it was over. I could go on
an on about the things that were said. Brother Jon Huntsman shared
some awesome stories about meeting his wife, President Huntsman
growing up, and Elder Rasband and his friendship. Sister Rasband told
a beautiful story about a missionary from their mission getting his
shoes shined. She related it to the Savior. I would do it a huge
disservice if I were to try and explain it, You had to be there.
Sister Huntsman (younger) wins the award for MVP of the weekend. She
is a Saint. She went from being the Mother of the Bride and probably
stressed to level 11 out of 10, to then giving a beautiful talk in
front of 400+ people. Bless her heart. I'm so thankful, I have one of
the kindest, most genuine "Mission Moms" out there. Elder Rasband
helped me have a spiritual experience and once again solidify my
testimony of the Atonement and Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Let me tell you again, I LOVED THE FIRESIDE! I'm so grateful to have
been blessed with so many amazing spiritual experiences over my
mission. Nothing could compare to the joy and peace that I felt and
was reassured of this week. I truly am so honored each and every day
for the opportunity I have to be a full-time missionary.

Easter Sunday was another day to remember. Our sacrament service was
spectacular with some great musical numbers. The lessons we had in
class were edifying and uplifting. Sunday evening we had some of the
most spiritual member visits I've ever experienced. It has been my
favorite Holiday as a missionary. It's remarkable how awesome this
weekend turned out to be. I LOVE being a missionary. There is nothing
I find more rewarding.

Sorry this was kinda long....till next week! 🙏🏼🙌🏼

Elder Tanner Leishman

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