Thursday, April 13, 2017

Week #96 - πŸ€’ --> 🌊

"I'm going to do what Ron Burgundy was sent to this earth to do; have
salon quality hair and read the news!!" - Ron Burgundy

Honestly, thank goodness this past week is over. It was definitely an
interesting week. I got super sick with a sore throat that I'm pretty
sure turned into strep throat. It totally knocked me out for like 3
days. It was the sickest I've gotten on my mission. Need less to say,
I'm glad this week is over. I'm excited for a new week and I'm excited
to be back to 100%. We've got work to do.

Even though I was sick for most of the week, we were still able to get
a little work done. Remember Kevin and Benjamin I was telling you
about last week? Yeah, they are getting baptized THIS weekend!! I'm
super excited. They are the most solid people I've taught on my
mission. We were trying to figure out the logistics for their baptism
all week and we finally agreed and set April 14th as their date. The
only problem is that half the ward is going to be out of town for
spring break. Hopefully we will be able to pound up enough members to
come and support Kevin and Benjamin. The cutest experience ever
happened when I went over to their house after missing our lessons
because I was sick and on exchanges. Benjamin gave the closing prayer
and he thanked Heavenly Father that I was able to get better and come
back and teach them. Hands down the highlight of my week. I'm SOOO
excited for their baptism!! I'll be sure to send pics next week! 😊

Another investigator we are teaching is a professional videographer.
At recent holidays, he has been helping the missionaries make a video
relating to the holiday and since Easter is just around the corner,
Jeff said we could do another video. So this week we took to the
streets of Arlington with the members of our district and street
contacted people and asked them what the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
means to them. We video taped peoples answers and are compiling it
into a video. Be sure to look for it to be on Facebook this coming
week. One of the members of our district will probably end up posting
it and I'll be sure to repost it. It was a blast talking to everyone
and it was a testimony building experience being able to hear
everyone's responses. I'm sure it's going to be great! We worked
really hard to put it together.

This upcoming week should be exciting with the baptism of Kevin and
Benjamin. But, there is also something else worth mentioning. Remember
a couple months ago when Elder Rasband and Elder Ballard came to our
mission? Well, Elder Rasband is coming back to our mission AGAIN this
week!! He is going to be holding a fireside for all of the
missionaries in our mission and their investigators/less active
members. I'm pretty stoked. It's not common that people have an
apostle come to their mission, let alone, 2 of them. And even less
common, to have one of them come twice. #Blessed

Just an FYI, today I have officially been on my mission for 22 month!!
😳 My mission has been the best experience ever and it's so bitter
sweet knowing I only have 2 months left. Gotta make em count!! I love
and miss you all, have an awesome week!

Elder Leishman πŸ’™

Benjamin with his baby brother Warren

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