Monday, October 24, 2016

Week #72

Another week has come and gone. I'm still alive, for those of you who
were worried 😁. But it was quite an eventful week. It started last
pday when we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off
doing all this random stuff. We went to the mall, played basketball,
went grocery shopping, etc. it was a busy day. I'm excited for today
though, we don't have too much on our plate. We are getting groceries,
a hair cut, and then we are going to wash the car. Our car is terribly
dirty. We accumulated it pretty dirty though. Don't worry, I'll put a
little Leishman Cleanin Lovin on there and we will be in ship shape
for Zone Conference tomorrow🚕

This week elder Arritt and I killed it. We were able to find a lot of
new people as well as have some lessons with some of our investigators
that we found last week. Man, I am so happy with the work that's going
on here in the Quantico Ward. We have seen the lord really extend his
hand to so many in the short time we've been serving here. We spend a
lot of time just tracting but we have a lot of success that comes from
it. I'm super excited to see what this week has in store for us.

On Friday morning we had a lesson with one of our investigators who is
actually Jehovah's Witness. She is so sweet. We had a member come with
us and before the lesson we asked the member to invite her to church
this Sunday. The lesson was had was awesome. Our investigator had a
lot of really great questions with regards to the Book of Mormon and
Joseph Smith. We were able to answer them, no problem. Then our member
invited her out to church and it was perfect. She committed to come
and was really excited. Well, fast forward to Sunday morning. We text
her and confirm that she's coming to church and she replied that she
is still planning on it. Then about an hour later we get another text
saying her daughter woke up sick and she couldn't make it. So we try
to suggest some ideas for her to still be able to come and what not.
She said she would try and have her brother watch her while she goes
to church. So we get to church about 25-30 minutes early and she texts
us and says "hey, give me a call after you guys get out of church" and
so now I'm thinking "oh crap, what's going on now..." so we just
decide to call her before church since we had 20 minutes. And she
answers the phone and proceeds to tell us that she doesn't want to
meet with us anymore and that she isn't interested in the church. She
said "after TALKING TO SOME FRIENDS and also reading and praying, I've
decided that the Mormon church is anything I want to pursue
anymore".... man, my heart was shattered. She dropped us. And then
later on that evening, we had two other investigators text us and drop
us.... it was a rough Sunday. Right as I thought we were making huge
steps in the right direction, we got dropped. It was a tough Sunday.
But, you know what that means right? Back to square one, gotta find
some more prepared people. I know they are out there.

On a happier note, I found out earlier in the week that one of the
investigators that I found and taught while I was in manassas was
getting baptized this week. So I was able to go back and attend the
baptism with elder holdaway. It was so nice to see all the manassas
family again and see Julie get baptized. It was like I was back home
for a little bit. But, another cool story, ANOTHER one of the
investigators that I found and taught in manassas is getting baptized
this coming week. So stay tuned for Donnell's baptism! It was a great
way to end off my rough Sunday!

Well, I love and miss you guys. Blessin's🙏🏼

- Elder Leishman 🕴

Gain train meal - my mission has made me want to pursue a career in the culinary arts...

Elder Arritt's Birthday.  The other Quantico Elders got him a cake.

Julie's baptism with all the Elders that have taught Julie.

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