Monday, October 10, 2016

Week #70 - "Q Town"

I feel like so many different things have happened since last Monday, I don't even know where to start. It's been a week full of highs and lows that's for sure. Last Monday we went ice skating. That was pretty fun. Don't worry, there were no serious injuries. Just a couple hard falls  but now that I've got it down, you can call me Chaz Michael Michaels. 

Oh and before I get down into the dirty stuff. Throughout the whole transfer we have been in a little friendly prank war with the sisters that serve in our ward. Throughout the transfer we have been saving our water bottles that we use along with a couple other companionships. So this week we decided to fill their closet with water bottles and to top it off, we went out and bought a live lobster and a live tilapia. We filled their bath tub and put the tilapia in there, then we filled their sink and put the lobster in there. It was pretty funny. The sisters got so mad😂 but it was all chill. They were over it right away.  

On Monday night, we were at Bishop Dzaran's house when I got a call from one of the assistants and he told me that I would be training this next transfer and that I was also leaving the Manassas 1st Ward. Which meant that I would be whitewash training and opening up a new area. He didn't tell me where though, they leave you with a little cliff hanger. So I was pretty bummed to find out that I was leaving manassas. I love that place so much. I've really come to love and gain a lasting friendship with so many members there. It was the hardest time leaving behind the Bercian family as well. They are like my second family here and I've seen so much progression since we first started meeting with them. They are going to be awesome. 👌🏼

On Tuesday and Wednesday I started packing and saying my goodbyes. Tuesday night is when I got the transfer doctrine that said I would be getting transferred to the Quantico Ward and opening up another set of elders there. (They already had 1 set of elders and 1 set of sisters) I was pretty excited when I found out that's where I was going. It isn't too far from manassas and it has the same demographics as manassas. But what I was probably most excited about is opening a new area. That meant I would get transferred somewhere that had 0 investigators, 0 potentials, 0 less active to work with, and I would have to build it up with my companion from scratch. I thought that was pretty cool. 

Thursday was transfer day. It started at 8:30am when I had to be at the train the trainer meeting. Then I found out who my new companion is. My few companion is Elder Arritt. He is from Twin Falls, ID. He just graduated this fast spring. He likes football and rugby, he's pretty tall too. He is going to be a stud missionary. We have been working super hard here in the Quantico Ward. We don't know anyone here, not even the members, so that's been super tough. But we have been grinding away. We already have 3 new investigators and a lot of potentials. So we will have to see where the lord takes us on this adventure. 

I'm super excited for this transfer and the experiences I'm going to have. I'll be sure to send my pics from this week! Much love! 

- Elder Leish

Ice Skating

Attempting to take a district picture

The last supper at the Mcllleces house, they were so awesome to me while I was in the ward.  #blessed

Saying goodbye to the Bercians.  Man was that a tough night....

Saying goodbe to Bro. Cox.  He was our WML

Elder Ma went home this transfer.  His home is in China.

More district pictures

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