Monday, October 17, 2016

Week #71 - "pst90x"

It feels like I was just emailing you guys yesterday. These weeks are really going by so fast. It's like I blink and I'm at pday again. This week was awesome. Elder Arritt and I are doing great. We are finally starting to pick up on the ward and where everything is. Whitewash training has definitely been the hardest thing I've done on my mission. But it's been a lot of fun too! 

Last Monday we went up to the temple and did a session. It's always awesome when there is a holiday on a Monday and the temple is open. What more could you ask for on a pday? We went up there with Bishop Dzaran (from my last ward in Manassas) and we met up with Elder Simpson and Elder Winn who were up there with Zac McIllece who just got back from his mission! It was cool to be with those guys up there as well. The session was awesome. I'll get to go 1 more time before Christmas, so I'm pretty excited about that! 

We had zone training on Tuesday (let me tell you how grateful i am that I don't have to worry about planning those thing anymore🙌🏼) and we had a mission goal presented to us. We have a mission goal of baptizing 300 people this year and we are only at about 230. So we are making smaller goals that will help us accomplish the larger goal. So this next small goal is called "pst90x" (which comes from the workout p90x). It stand for "plan, study, and teach". It's another way we can help prepare our investigators for baptism. He has set a mission goal for all of us to do it 21 days (3 weeks) straight. So it will consist of planning every night for the needs of our investigators and what to study for, studying each morning so we can be prepared for each lesson, and then teaching and evaluating our teaching after the lessons to see what we can improve on. I'm really excited for these next 3 weeks! 

We have seen a number of miracles this week. First off, we were able to find 9 new investigators which is awesome. That helped out our teaching pool a ton! We found a couple families that are really cool. Nobody was able to come to church though but I'm sure we will get some here in the next couple weeks.

We were walking around quantico town our first day here and we street contacted a guy who is a baptist minister. He's a super cool guy. We talked to him for quite a while. He gave us a little spiritual pep talk which didn't turn confrontational at all. Then we gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him if we could come back and talk more about it with him. So we went back and talked with him a couple days later. We got to share the message of the restoration with him and he was actually really intrigued by it. We invited him to read and pray about it and he said he would. It was a really cool experience and during it all, I realized that I know the Bible a little more than I actually thought I did.... 📖

We had some really cool member dinners this week. Since there are now 2 companionships of elders in our ward, when members sign up to feed the elders, they sign up to feed all 4 of us. It's been a lot of fun to share dinners with them. And bless the hearts of these members for feeding all 4 of us hungry guys😂🙏🏼 (especially since we are all over 6 feet and we can really pound some food🍴

I'm excited to see what's in store for us this week. Elder Arritt is making huge steps each and everyday. He's going to be a great missionary and I'm learning a lot from him. Now I just hope he's learning something good from me... 😬 have a great week! 

- Elder Leishman🏃🏻

Elder Arritt and I.  We decided to do our companion study on the balcony because the weather was nice and cool.

We were driving on the base with one of our members and we saw this sweet military plane.  This is the plane that they will fold up the Presidents helicopter and put it in there to transport it to whereever the President is going.  Pretty neat.

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