Monday, March 28, 2016

Week #42 - Welcome to the grind

Happy Easter! This past week was awesome! We were able to teach some
sweet lessons this week and put some of our investigators on date for
baptism! We are teaching a family right now and we had a lesson with
them on Saturday night and put them all on date to be baptized on
April 30th! And then they all came to church yesterday! It was
awesome. I'm so excited to keep working with them. And the awesome
thing about them is that we actually tracted into them and they ended
up being super solid. The husband and wife don't speak a lot of
English, mostly Spanish. But the kids all speak English and it's
awesome. They all loved church and the ward loves them as well!

On Tuesday we went out to Warrenton for their district meeting to see
how the members of their district are doing. It was pretty sweet. It
was like a 45 minute drive out there into the countryside.  Then we
went over to our mission office to pick up supplies for the zone.
There was a lot of driving that day...🚙

On Tuesday and Thursday, we went back to that park and played
basketball with some of our potential investigators. It's been awesome
going and playing ball. Now I just need one of them to video tape it
and put it on Twitter or something haha. We need to find a way to
start teaching the guys we are playing with. We want to make sure we
are using the time effectively not just going for the basketball.
We've gotten pretty tight with a couple of the guys there so they just
text us when they are going to play and if we don't have anything set,
we will go play with them. It's pretty fun. More to come on the white,
Mormon boys ballin' in future weeks for sure!

On Friday, we had an exchange with the Assistants to the President. It
was awesome. Elder Jones and Elder Blanchard are still the APs. I
really like those guys. I love learning new things from them. I went
with elder Blanchard this time. He is from Rexburg, Idaho. He is a
stud. Just an awesome missionary. We were able to teaching some
awesome lessons down in fort belvoir (his area). We woke up on
Saturday morning on our exchange and went to a high school nearby and
ran some bleachers then played some football for our exercise. It was
such a fun time and I'm glad I got to go.

Yesterday, with it being Easter, I was able to take a lot of time and
focus on the savior and his infinite atonement. It's really through
Jesus Christ that salvation is possible. There is a quote from the new
Easter "Hallelujah" video that I really like and it says, talking
about Jesus Christ: "King of King, Lord of Lords, and Friend of
Friends." That's so true. That Jesus Christ has felt the pains of
everyone in the whole world but yet he knows your individual, personal
struggles. It's that such a blessing to know that there is someone
that has walked in your footsteps? Someone that has felt exactly what
you're feeling? I absolutely love that and I find so much comfort in
that. I pray that you guys will continue to find comfort in the open
arms of the savior and his sacrifice! Love you guys! Have a good week!

Elder Leishman

The Cherry Blossoms are out!

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