Monday, March 7, 2016

Week #39 - Down to Manasty

Hola familia! What a crazy week this has been!! A lot has happened
since last Monday. On Monday night, I got a call from President
Huntsman and he asked me to serve as a Zone Leader. I was super
surprised when he called. I totally thought I was going to stay in
Wakefield for a couple more transfers. But it ended up being the exact
opposite. Elder Merrill stayed in Wakefield and I got transferred to
the Manassas 1st ward to serve as a ZL. My new companion is Elder
Burleson. He loves to ball which is good. He is going to go home and
try to play somewhere after his mission. He came out one transfer
after me. He is from A small city in Washington. I'm really excited to
be companions with him. I was super sad to leave the Wakefield ward. I
absolutely loved that place. It was such a good ward and I loved all
the members. I'm jealous elder Merrill will be there for 5 transfers.

On Wednesday I spent a lot of time driving around and visiting the
members and saying goodbye. Wednesday night we went to the church and
I taught the young men about missionary work. I wanted it to be my
last hoorah in the ward so I tried to make it count. Elder Simpson and
I (we were on exchanges) taught them the restoration very simply and
showed them how easy it is to share the message. We gave them all
restoration pamphlets and invited them to hand them out to their

On Thursday, we had the transfer meeting. I met up with Elder Burleson
and we got everything situated for our zone then we went to our zone
meeting. We played the hot seat game to get to know all the new
members of the zone, then elder Burleson and I taught them about
diligence. We tried to get our zone super excited about the work this
transfer and get them pretty motivated. Hopefully it worked out! That
night, we had a split with two of the ward members. It's where elder
Burleson went with one of them and I went with the other. I had no
idea what was going on or who anyone was or where anything was because
I had just gotten there that day. But it was good, the member helped
me out with learning the area.

On Friday, elder Burleson and I were super busy. In our area we teach
a ton of lessons so we are always driving around from lesson to lesson
which is fun. It's always nice coming to an area that has a lot of
work going on. I'm sad I left my last area with all that work but I'm
glad I'm picking it right back up!

This transfer, elder Burleson and I are going to have our zone focus
on Christlike attributes. As I've been studying them myself, I've
really come to realize how bad I need to work on them haha. I feel
like all of my companions have taught me patience in one way or
another, maybe that's the lord showing me how impatient I am. There is
a quote from preach my gospel that I would like to share. It's by
President Monson. It says, "Life is full of difficulties, some minor
and others of a more serious nature. There seems to be an unending
supply of challenges for one and all. Our problem is that we often
expect instantaneous solutions to such challenges, forgetting that
frequently the heavenly virtue of patience is required.” That really
speaks to me. I'm so glad I'm learning patience now because I know
that I will definitely need to use it later on in life. My invitation
this week is to be patient in some form or another. Whether it's with
a stranger, your kids, your spouse, your sibling, be patient with
them. Then let me know what happens! Have a great week! I love and
miss you!!

Elder Leishman

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