Monday, March 14, 2016

Week #40 - "Yo, the Mormon's want to play!"

Another week has come and gone. It's crazy how fast time flies out
here. I feel like I've been out 2 days and have only 2 days left. It's
such a weird feeling. I wonder if time will feel the same when I go
home? Who knows haha. Well, on Monday last week we got to play
basketball for a while because elder Burleson likes to play basketball
as well. We got some good games in. There are a lot of good ballers in
our zone.

On Tuesday we had an exchange with some other missionaries in our
zone. The missionary I was with was elder foland. He is actually from
St. George. He only lived there for a short time like me. I feel like
we related to each other really well. We both have similar stories for
coming out on a mission. It was cool to hear his story. He actually
grew up in Frederick, Maryland which is like 45 mins from here and he
moved to STG like 2 years ago. His dad actually lives in our mission
which is pretty cool. But while I was with him, we were out driving by
some potentials and we came across a basketball court. We heard some
guys playing so we decided to walk over there. We watched them for a
couple minutes then we asked them if we could play with them. When we
asked if we could play, they started laughing. One of them yelled to
all his friends and said "hey man, the Mormon boys want to play next."
After he said that most of them were laughing. So we got playing and
we ended up kicking their butts. I had a couple dunks and everyone was
going nuts. They were all freaking out that we were killing them all.
Afterwards, we got some of the guys phone numbers and asked them if
they wanted to learn a message, a couple of them said they would. It
was pretty fun!

On Thursday we had MLC (mission leadership council) it's where all the
zone leaders and the assistants and some sister training leaders get
together with president and sister huntsman and we kind of discuss the
needs of the whole mission and president gives us training that we
then take back to our individual zones. It was really awesome. I love
learning from president and sister huntsman.

The rest of the week was mainly filled with teaching lessons to some
of our investigators and new investigators. We found 12 new
investigators this week which was awesome. We found a family this week
and taught them the restoration! They really loved it and committed to
come to church next week and be baptized. We put two of our
investigators on date this week one is Wilson and the other is
Gilbert. Gilbert is from Ghana and he has been here in the U.S. for 17
months. He had thoracic spine surgery. He's still recovering. But he's
a super solid guy. He was taught by missionaries in Ghana but never
got baptized and then he moved here and lost contact with the church.
We put him on date to be baptized in our first lesson with him. It was

On Saturday, I was able to attend Clayton's baptism from the Wakefield area.
We also had a Mini MTC day for all the youth in the stake. The
full-time missionaries were asked to help teach all the youth how to
communicate with investigators and how to prepare for a lesson. It was
pretty cool helping all the kids out. They all appreciated it and we
got free lunch which is always a bonus haha!

This week I've been thinking a lot about humility. Probably because
it's something I definitely need to work on. And there is a part in
preach my gospel in the Christlike attributes section that says,
"humility is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of spiritual
strength." And that's so true. It takes so much more strength to put
your ego to the side and just be humble. I'm going to really try to
work hard on being humble because I know it can help me in all aspects
of my life especially missionary work. I hope you guys are doing well.
I love and miss you guys! Have a good week!

Peace and Blessin's
Elder Leishman

At Clayton's baptism from the Wakefield area

With Clayton

The cutest dog we found out tracting

A dog just chillin' at one of our appointments

The snow plow struggle is real.

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