Saturday, March 26, 2016

Week #41

This week was awesome! Elder Burleson and I are killing it down here
in Manassas. We are finding a bunch and teaching a bunch as well, you
could honestly say we were in like South America or something lol jk.
(No shade to the homie Zern down in Argentina haha) but for real it's
been awesome all the teaching and work we've been putting in. There is
no greater feeling than going to bed at night and putting your head on
your pillow and realizing that you gave it your all that day. It's
awesome. And I know I'm going to need one dang long nap when I get

On Wednesday, we had interviews with President Huntsman. It was so
nice to sit down and talk with him on a one on one level. We had a
great conversation. I'm so thankful for priesthood leaders. During the
rest of our zones interviews, elder Burleson and I had to do some
training for the companion that wasn't in with president. So basically
it went like this, one companionship would show up to interviews and
one of the missionaries would go in with president for their interview
than the other would come with elder Burleson, myself, and sister
huntsman. Then once the interview was over, we would just switch. We
were able to train the members of the zone on how they can help their
investigators keep commitments. It was awesome! Even if we trained on
the same subject 20 times in the span of 8 hours. Oh the joy! I really
enjoyed it!

We went on some exchanges with some members of our zone this week as
well. It's always fun to go on exchanges because you get to learn from
other missionaries and learn new tactics and what not. I really like
them. I went down to warrenton on one of our exchanges, and let me
tell you, warrenton is literally the country of our mission. There are
two wards down in warrenton and they cover about 1/3 of the whole
mission. It's crazy. But we had a good time trying to g the missionary
work up in their area! Then the other one we went on, I stayed in
Manassas and elder Burleson went to warrenton. It was pretty fun!

CHURCH!!! We have been teaching sooooo much but none of our people
will keep their commitment and come to church. We actually had a
family come to church yesterday. It's our investigator named William
and his family. William is a super solid kid, I wish I had my head on
straight when I was his age. He's like 15 and he's just an all around
good kid. I was so grateful they came. And they loved it as well. Our
ward did an awesome job of fellow shipping them. The ward basically
just took them under their wings. Super sick!! They said they are
coming next week too!

This week, with it being around the corner from Easter, I studied the
atonement. And the one thing that's always stood out to me with the
atonement is that it's not only for our sins and transgressions. It's
for everything that is unfair or unjust in life. That's one thing that
mom told me before I left (shout out to momma leish❤️) and it has
stuck with me my whole mission and I share that with every
investigator we have or whoever we teach the atonement too. As we get
close to Easter I invite you guys to continue to remember our savior
Jesus Christ because honestly, he is the reason for the season.
Remember that through him, death has no sting and that our families
can be together forever! Have a good week! #StayBlessed πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ›πŸ™πŸΌ

Much love,
Elder Leishman

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