Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week #33 - Blizzard 2K16

Well, this week has been interesting to say the least. I honestly
can't even remember what happened before Friday at 12 noon. Once it
hit that time on Friday, we weren't allowed to drive because of the
massive winter storm that hit, then a little while after that we were
allowed to go out. We had to stay in our apartment complex. Holy cow
it's been a long weekend. It sure gave me a lot of time to sit down
and think about my mission and where I want to go and some of the
things I want to do. This weekend was good for personal growth and
cleaning the apartment haha. My apartment is spotless. But, I have
been able to study a lot this past weekend and also clean up our area
book and phone contacts. I called a whole bunch of people and most of
them didn't answer. But the few people I talked too, I was able to
have a good conversation with. I remember before the storm hit I was
working on trying to reach my 1000 door goal. The couple days before
the storm hit I was right on track but now that we haven't been able
to proselytize as much, I'm in a little hole. I'll have to do a little
extra tracking this week to make up for it! I'm pretty excited.

Oh and I guess we had a transfer since the last time I emailed home.
I'm staying in the Wakefield ward with elder Merrill again. I love the
Wakefield ward and all the members. The members really love the
missionaries here and give us a lot of support. I'm excited to serve
along side them for another transfer.

Last week, during the storm, I finished the Book of Mormon. I love the
ending of the Book of Mormon. It really hits home with me every time I
read the last few chapters. I love moron is promise at the end and I
find myself takin that promise everyday I study. I ask Heavenly Father
to strengthen my testimony of the book and help me continue to have to
power to share it with everyone. I'm so grateful for the Book of
Mormon and its second witness of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

I hope everyone has a good week!

Much love,
Elder Leishman

During the blizzard
30+ inches of snow
Elder Simpson and I during the Blizzard

Since we were confined to our apartment complex we worked out twice a day.
Transfer Meeting with my district

Transfer Meeting

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