Monday, January 4, 2016

Week #30 - Happy New Year!

This week has been good! It was really nice to ring in the New Year as
a missionary. Being a missionary at the new year provides you with a
chance to set some sweet goals. The goals I have set for myself I feel
will push me but are also very achievable. I'm really excited for what
2016 has to bring.

On New Year's Eve, we got together as a zone and were able to watch
The Best Two Years and Ephriams Rescue. It was really nice to relax
for a little bit and just watch a movie. I hadn't watched a movie in
what felt like forever. The zone I'm in right now has a lot of really
fun missionaries in it, so it was fun to hang out with them.

In my study recently I have been reading about Jesus Christ and his
appearance to the people in the Book of Mormon. It just makes so much
sense that Jesus wouldn't forsake his other people around the world. I
love how he instituted all the things he did in Jerusalem, in the
Americas! I've been able to really strengthen my testimony of the Book
of Mormon lately with the study of Joseph Smith and also the savior,
Jesus Christ. I know for sure that the Book of Mormon is true and all
I want to do is share it.

Sorry I haven't written or replied a lot lately, I've been super busy
and not had a lot of time and had a lot on my mind. I appreciate every
single one of you though and everything you do for me. I love you

Keep on keepin on!

Elder Leishman

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