Monday, January 11, 2016

Week #31

This week has been pretty good! It was a great week key indicator wise
and we taught a lot of lessons. Not many to our investigators but we
taught a lot to some less actives in our ward. We have been working
hard on trying to activate some of the families that haven't been
going to church. Most of the ones we are working with are super
excited about meeting with us and express sincere desires to come back
to church. It's such a blessing seeing people so happy about the

In my study this week I finished 3 and 4 Nephi and Christ's ministry
to the people in the Americas. It was so great to read about all the
miracles he performed and how established his church and gave them
authority to baptized just like the disciples in ancient Jerusalem.
That was hands down one of my favorite parts of the Book of Mormon. I
feel like I could study those chapters of the Book of Mormon for the
rest of my life and I would be set.

I'm really excited for the upcoming week. We have a lot of good stuff
going on and we are going to be meeting with a lot of people. I don't
really have time to write a lot today as we are going into DC but I
will write more next week! Have a great day and a great week! God

Elder Leishman

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