Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 23 in the field

This week has been super slow missionary wise but it has been great
with regards to the holiday and spending time with some awesome
members. It started with the turkey bowl on thanksgiving morning. We
played with a lot of other missionaries and some members from our
ward. It was pretty fun to get out there and be active. My team won
every game. It was missionaries vs ward members. I had a good time and
didn't suffer any severe injuries haha which is always good.

Then we went up to Falls Church on thanksgiving afternoon and had
dinner with the Stewart's because nobody in our ward signed up to feed
us on that day. I was so grateful I got to go to the Stewart's for
thanksgiving and spend time with family. The food was amazing and we
got to play some games afterwards. I loved being with family. It's
always nice being with family members for the holidays even if you
just met them recently haha. It was a great time and I'm so happy we
got to go up there.

On Saturday morning we got to go to the temple because a member of our
ward was going through for the first time. Her name is Hirut and her
fathers name is Bayissa. They are from Ethiopia and they were baptized
a little over a year ago and they invited us to go to the temple with
them for their endowment. It's such a blessing to have a temple so
close and to feel of the amazing spirit that is there. They are
putting up the Christmas lights for the visitor center soon so I will
have to make my way up there again soon to see the lights. We have a
couple people we are working with that we know could really enjoy the
spirit of the temple and visitors center!

On Saturday night while we were tracking down potentials, we ran into
a guy named Dave. When we knocked on the door we heard some guy from
the other side yell "Nah Fam we good", so of course I acted like I
couldn't hear so I yelled "what?" "I see you Jehovah's Witness, we
good" "we're not Jehovah's Witness" so then he opens the door and was
wondering about how we got his information, which was his number one
concern. He probably thought we were Feds to be honest. After talking
a little bit more to this guy, which was hilarious but I can't repeat
anything he said, I started telling him about the Book of Mormon and
before I could say anything he ripped it out of my hands and said "I'm
too evil to hold this thing, I feel like I'm gonna catch on fire. The
devil is too strong in me, but I'll tell you what. I can't promise
that I'll read it erryday, but I'll read it at least twice a week.
Sound Gucci?" I was pretty surprised because we didn't say anything
about it and he committed himself to read it and now we're meeting
with him on Tuesday.

Other than that we have just been trying to find as many as we
possibly can. I'm excited to share the new holiday video that the
church put out. It's going to be a good tool to use in our contacting.
It's been pretty tough finding people in our ward and getting the
support of our ward. It makes missionary work pretty hard when you
don't have a lot of support. It just sucks because you feel like you
are giving your all to this ward and area you are serving in but you
don't see any support at all. But I guess it's just another lesson
that a mission teaches you. Most the time in life, the circumstances
you are in aren't going to be the best but you're going to have to
make the most of them. Heavenly Father gives us tough situations to
test our faith and obedience. It's really easy to stray from the path
and b,are it on the circumstance you are in. We need to make sure we
are staying the course even through the ups and downs. It's a valuable
lesson I've had to progressively learn over the course of my mission.
I hope everyone has a great week! Much love!

Elder Leishman

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