Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #20 - In the Field

Well, it's been a sweet short week since the last time I talked to you
guys! Not too much has happened, just a lot of street contacting and
checking up on potentials. I had my first sacrament meeting in the
Shirlington Ward which was pretty sweet. Our church building is super
old and small so it's kind of like I go to church in a historical
site. Pretty dang cool!

On Friday I had my MRI for my knee which was pretty weird. It felt
super weird to have to lay there and have to be dead still for like 30
minutes. It almost felt like a little massage with all the waves
hitting my leg. Kind of peaceful actually. I almost fell asleep! I
have a doctors appointment this week to see what exactly needs to be
done. I'll let you guys know.

Since not too much has happened this week, I want to talk about
something I studied this week. It was in alma chapters 36 & 37. It was
Alma's commandments to his son Helaman. He recounts the story of when
he was visited by an Angel. He talks about how as soon as he
remembered the words of his father, he was freed from the pain and
anguish he was feeling. It's amazing how he just remembered the words
of his father. There have been so many instances in my mission where I
have been faced with two choices and the voice of my father comes into
my head and gives me council on what I need to do. Even if I remember
something he said a few years ago pertaining to a completely different
scenario. I'm so thankful that I had a father who gave me good council
and prepared me for the real world. I'm extremely blessed. I hope
everyone has a great week! Love you guys!

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