Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week #22 - In the Field

So this week has been pretty good. It's crazy that the holidays are
right around the corner. It's almost surreal. It feels like just
yesterday was June 10th and I was going in the MTC. I can't believe my
6 month mark is only like 2 weeks away. At the beginning of my
mission, I thought this time would never get here. This week has been
pretty normal. We had district meeting on Tuesday and I was able to
teach my district about the role of the Book of Mormon and how it
answers questions of the soul. It was really awesome and we got to
play a game to go along with it. Then, on Wednesday we had zone
teaching and I was able to teach In that as well about learning to
love obedience. It was a good topic to teach on and I feel like there
are a lot of different ways you can take that one topic so I hope
someone from the district/zone got something out of my lesson.

On Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Schnek. He is goi home
this transfer and he's another one of the district leaders in our
zone. He's an awesome kid and super funny. I learned a lot from him.
It's always nice to go on exchanges so you can get a different feels
for how other missionaries serve their missions. It's pretty fun.

It's so much different not having a car. I feel like I have to plan
extra time every day to walk or bike to lessons. You learn the roads
and stuff in a different way when you walk around. The on
The other day we walked 10 miles. And we were just street contacting
the whole time and nobody wanted to hear a message. It was pretty
discouraging. But walking the 10 miles was a good workout.

I'm really excited for thanksgiving this week because we passed around
our meal calendar yesterday at church and nobody signed up for lunch
or dinner that day. So I texted my cousins (The Stewart's) in Falls
Church to see if my companion and I could join them for a meal and
they said yes! I'm super excited to be able to spend the holiday with
them. It's always fun being with family for the holidays! (Even if you
met them when you started serving in their ward! Haha)

Today we are going to the Pentagon with one of the members from our
ward. He is taking us to lunch in there and showing us around. I'm
really excited to go.

Let me tell you something, Satan is a mean dude. He tries to hit you
from every angle. He tries to discourage you every chance he can
especially when nobody wants to talk to you. It's pretty dang hard to
fight the adversary when you aren't having any luck teaching anyone.
It's really hard to stay positive. But I think that's the biggest
trick in life, is learning to stay positive. Everyday we make a
choice, it will either be a good day or a bad day. It's up to us. We
are the only ones who can control the outcome of our day and we need
to stay positive even if we have every excuse not too!

I hope everyone has a good thanksgiving and enjoys some time off of work and school! I don't get any days off!! Welcome to the missionary
grind. TNDO! (Take no days off)

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