Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week #19 (In the field) - Transferred - Lots of Pictures!!

I feel like I haven't emailed home in forever! It's been such a crazy
week and a half with transfers, a wedding, a baptism, and a general
authority visiting! There is too much to write about! I'll start off
with the wedding and baptism. Mike and Tamika's wedding was absolutely
amazing. It was so awesome to see them get married and start their
journey to an eternal family, then on Saturday it was an even greater
experience to see them get baptized. I was able to baptize Mike and it
was such an amazing spiritual experience. It made me so happy to see
all the progress and hard work that they have put into changing their
lives finally pay off. I'll have to try my best to keep in contact
with them especially now that I'm in a new area. I can't wait for Mike
and Tamika to be able to go to the temple and do baptisms for the
dead. It will be an awesome time for them and for their family.

On Thursday we had our transfer meeting. I ended up getting
transferred to a new area. I'm now serving in the Shirlington Ward in
Alexandria. It's right below falls church. So it's not really far away
at all. So far, I really like it here. My new companion is Elder
Hudson from Gilbert, Arizona. He's a pretty cool kid. It's been pretty
nice, we get along really well. He played sports in high school which
makes it easier to relate to him.My new area is a bike area, so I will have

to get a bike soon so I have a way to get around town.

At the beginning of the week we had Elder Perkins of the Seventy come
and visit our mission. That is why we had to switch our Pday. I was
able to meet with him on Tuesday of this week and he was able to give
us some awesome instruction on how to be better missionaries! It's was
a super long day, it went from 8am to 4pm. It was super cool though. I
was able to learn a lot and we got to have a question and answer
session with him at the end and he answered a lot of really cool
questions. It was kind of just the topper to an awesome week!

So, this past week I went to the doctor after I kind of tweaked my
knee playing basketball at the mission home. They took some x-rays and
the doctor did some tests and he said I have a torn ACL. I have to go
get an MRI on it tomorrow to see exactly all the damage that has been
done. The doctor said I probably did it about a year and a half ago
just playing high school ball but I have just learned to kind of deal
with it and play through it. He said since I've had it for so long
that he doesn't think I'll need to get surgery right away and that I
can probably wait till after the mission to have surgery. I will let
you guys know what happens when I find out. One thing is for dang
sure, I'm not coming home. They will have to physically pick me up and
put me on an airplane to get me home. I'll keep you guys posted on the

This week I've been able to do a lot of pondering on the fact that
Heavenly Father gives us trials to mold us into the person he wants us
to become. I feel like I say that to people all the time whether it's
an investigator, less active, or a member, I always tell people that.
I've never really thought about it on a deeper level. Everything we go
through is for our benefit. That's the hardest part about life is
seeing the good in every bad situation. I'm horrible at seeing the
best in the situations but it comes with practice. We may not know why
we are going through a trial in the moment, but after you go through
it and look back on it, you can see how it has helped you. That has
been a theme for me this week as I've thought about things I've
struggled with, missing home, having no investigators, tracting all day, not getting fed by members, etc. the list goes on. But as I look back now I can see how I NEEDED to go through some of
those things to make me into the person Heavenly Father wants me to
become. It's a beautiful thing! I hope you have a great week!

Elder Leishman


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