Monday, January 30, 2017

Week #86 - "Is the pudding ready?"

So many great things have happened since last Monday, I don't even
know where to begin. We saw a ton of success working with members of
the ward this week. We had a double spilt Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday 
nights. That means that we got 2 priesthood holders from the
ward to come out with us and I went with one and Elder Williams went
with another. It helps when you are double booked on appointments. So
we were able to get twice the amount of work done those nights. We had
a couple lessons with the recent convert twins, Adrianna and
Gabrielle. They are awesome. Probably the cutest little 9 year olds
ever and they know a lot about the gospel which is good. We didn't get
too many appointments in with our investigators which was kind of a
bummer but we will get 'em next week. But we did have a family come to
church this week that has been investigator for about the length of my
mission. So I was super pumped about that!! 💪🏼⛪️

Wednesday we had a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast. It was awesome. We
were trained on how we can better "teach repentance and baptize
converts". I really enjoyed it. It was very informative and answered
some of my questions on how I can finish my mission strong and be
effective while doing so. At the end of the broadcast they introduced
to us some changes to our missionary schedule. I'm really excited for
this. It's giving us a lot more ability to choose how we spend our
time. I'm excited. It also means that pday started at 8am, and who
wouldn't want a longer pday?? 🕺🏻I'm super excited for the changes
they made to our schedule. I feel like it will be a lot more

We also had interviews with our mission president this week. It's
always great to sit down with President Huntsman. He's so awesome. The
topic of our interview was on repentance and president had asked all
the missionaries, prior to their interview, to come with their
favorite scripture on repentance. So I came with Isaiah1:18.. If you
don't know what it is, go look it up.👀 It's great!

All in all, it was an exciting week. I'm so grateful for the awesome
experiences I've had so far. As a little side note from this week, I
started the Doctrine and Covenants challenge. I'm not sure if other
missions or missionaries do it. But basically, you start the challenge
when you have 138 days left on your mission and you read a section
every day so you will finish it on the last day of your mission. So I
started that this week. I'm through the first two sections. I'm
excited to dive into the Doctrine and Covenants!!

I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you ❤

Quote: "There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will
have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again
before we reach the mountaintop of our desires." - Nelson Mandela

- Elder Leishman🕴

Ps. I'll give someone a quarter if they can guess the movie quote in
the subject of this email. 😌

- Elder Leishman🕴

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