Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week #82 - New Year, New Companion

Happy New Year!! I can't believe it's 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣(2017 for those who
don't have emojis)!!🎊 Man, where had the time gone? I feel like this
past year flew by in the blink of an eye. I'm very excited to see what
2017 has to bring. Here's to another great year🍻

Many things have happened since last Monday. On Tuesday night, elder
Arritt and I found out that we wouldn't be companions anymore. He was
getting transferred to the Fairfax Ward. Which is only one or two
wards over. It was sad not being with my son anymore. He is a great
missionary and a great friend of mine. He is a stud. My new companion
is elder Williams. He's from west valley city, Utah. He's super sweet.
He's been out for about 6 months so he's starting to get the hang of
things. His family is from Samoa so we are going to have a great time
together. He likes to play sports like basketball, football, and
volleyball. I'm pretty excited for what's in store.

Thursday afternoon we had transfers. It always tough to see some of
your friends go home but then it's fun to see new missionaries come
into the mission. It's like a never ending cycle haha. But after
transfers we had a zone meeting and then headed off to our area to hit
the pavement. We had a good evening. We walked for a long time... 🚶🏻

The rest of the week was mainly filled with walking around the area
and introducing elder Williams to our investigators. We had some good
lessons as well. One with our investigator named, Celia. She's
awesome. She is one of our members hospice Nurse so we teach her in
their home every Friday. . We talked about the plan of salvation this
week and she had a lot of questions that we were able to answer. We
had another lesson with one of our investigators named Sharon. She is
very sweet but doesn't see the need for organized religion. We had a
good conversation with her about why and how Christ established a
church when he was on the earth.

We had a pretty cool miracle happen Saturday night. We got a
referral for this guy named Islam. And in the information it said
"Brother Islam needs a ride to church but doesn't have a car or a
phone" so we decided to stop by his address. We caught him at home and
were able to talk to him for a bit. He is the only member of the
church in his family, the rest are Muslim. And the rest of his family
doesn't like that he is a member of the church. He just moved to our
area from Annandale where he said he used to go to our church but
stopped going about 2 years ago. He said he can feel the difference in
his life when he is going to out church and when he isn't so he wants
to start going again. It was about 7pm when we met with him and we
told him that church started at 9am the next morning and he said he
wanted to go if we got him a ride. So we made a couple calls and got
him a ride. Fast forward to the next morning, we go pick him up with a
member and he ACTUALLY came to church. It was pretty amazing. He had a
good time and was able to meet a lot of members. We are going to try
and hook him up with a job here pretty soon.

All in all, it was a great week. I learned so many great things and
saw so many miracles. I know that this work is true because I see the
hand of the lord everyday. I hope you all have a great week and a
Happy New Year!!

- Elder Leishman🕴
- Elder Leishman🕴

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