Monday, January 9, 2017

Week #83 - Prime time

This week was awesome. It started last Monday when we went to manassas
to play some football. With the new rearranging of the stakes, the
manassas 1st Ward is back in my zone so we can go there on pdays. We
set up a time to go play some football Monday morning and as we
were pulling up, we got a text from the elders we were meeting up with
saying that they were going to cancel because of the rain.....
weak👎🏼. We would have played rain, snow, or shine. That left us with
a lot of free time so we decided to go visit some of the members in
the Manassas 1st Ward. We were with elder Simpson and elder Thompson,
elder Simpson served in manassas recently so it was good for us to
catch up with the members there. They are awesome!! I felt like I was
at home.

Here's where the good stuff comes in. So Tuesday  at district meeting,
we did a practice teach of putting an investigator on date to be
baptized. I decided I would practice for our investigator named
Yolanda, who we had a lesson with that same night. So we do the
practice teach and I don't really think much of it. But we go to the
lesson that night and we were teaching her the plan of salvation and
as soon as we got to "Our life on earth" the spirit hit elder Williams
and I and said we need to put her on date. So elder Williams sets it
up real nice with a great lead into the invitation and then I invite
her with a specific day, and she says, "you know what, yes! I will
prepare myself to be baptized on February 11th!" Man, that was one of
those awesome mission moments that I will always remember. We are
super excited for Yolanda, she's going out of town for a couple weeks
but, we are definitely excited to help her prepare for her baptism on
February 11th!

Tuesday night we got to go play some basketball at the church.
Every Tuesday  they have a whole bunch of nonmembers come out and play
with them so we got permission from our DL to go out and play. It was
super fun to get back on the court and hoop. I'm terrible now
though... the only thing I had going for me is the spot up 3 👌🏼I
won't ever lose that.🔥 it was a lot of fun though.

On Saturday, I hit an exchange with my boy elder Simpson. It was sick
to be with him, we hadn't gone on an exchange in about a year. Crazy.
It snowed on Saturday  so we got to trek through the snow on foot. It
was pretty fun. It has been FREEZING cold though. I'll never take for
granted the 115 degree heat again. I miss it. This kind of cold
freezes your bones... but hey, I did get to use the snow boots that
grandpa Leishman sent me last year. They were pretty handy to have.

Funniest part of the week was when elder Williams was trying to walk
across a log that had fallen over a little river and he fell in😂😂
ill attach the video. He walked around for like the next hour and a
half with wet pants... poor guy.

We found out this week that President Huntsman is changing our mission
schedule. Particularly the mornings and pdays.  He changed pdays so
now they will start at 8am instead of 10am. He switched a couple other
things around, I'll send more about it next week when we know more.

I hope you all have a great week. I love you all! ❤️ Isaiah 52:7

- Elder Leishman🕴

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