Monday, January 30, 2017

Week #85 - Another day, another dollar

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Mine was very
eventful. We had a little stoppage of progression with our
investigators that are on date to be baptized. But no worries, we will
get them back rollin here in no time. Just gotta trust the process!

I had the opportunity of going on exchanges in the Manassas 1st Ward
this week, my old area. It's funny because one of the missionaries
that was in my zone when I was ZL there is now my ZL. It's funny how
the roles have reversed lol. But it was so nice to be back. I miss
that place so much. It was great to see some of the members I used to
visit with as well. Shout out to Sister McIllece for having us over
for dinner that night! In the evening, I was able to go visit the
bercians. The family that got baptized while I was there. Man, I miss
William and Brian bercian. They are like my little brothers. But we
had a good lesson about serving in the church. In the middle of the
lesson, William told me that he made the decision that he is going to
serve a mission when he turns 18. Nothing made me more happy!!

On Saturday night around 10:15pm, one of the members of the bishopric
texted us and said that one of the speakers for Sacrament meeting had
called in sick. So they wanted to ask me if I could give a talk the
next day. It was a blessing to be able to speak in the fair oaks ward
again. I love it here. I'm so grateful to have the support of our ward
and I am glad I got the chance for them to hear and know that I have a

I heard there was something big that happened in DC on Friday? Haha
jk, there was so much commotion about the inauguration this week.
People were coming out of the woodworks, but I heard it went well. I
can always say I was in the DC area when Donald Trump was inaugurated.
Pretty cool.

I hope you all have a great week! ❤️

- Elder Leishman🕴

Brian, myself, and William Bercian

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