Monday, February 22, 2016

Week #37

Well, another week has come and gone. I feel like these weeks are
starting to go faster and faster as time goes on. It's crazy to think
that this transfer is almost over, I'm excited for the next transfer.
The Wakefield area has been off the hook lately. We taught a total of
10 lessons last week which was probably the most this area has taught
since there was two companionships serving in our ward. We were able
to have some lessons with our progressing investigators as well as
some new investigators and some lessons with some less active
families. Key indicator wise, this week was awesome!
On Tuesday afternoon, we went to the Temple Visitors Center with one
of our investigators, the one that's on date for baptism, and we were
able to take a tour of the center and walk around the temple grounds.
There is always such an amazing spirit that is at the temple. Our
investigator told us of a really cool experience he had after he
dropped us off. He said he was driving home and he was thinking about
the temple and he just had this overwhelming feeling of love come over
him and he said he knew it was the Holy Ghost testifying to him that
he is on the right path and he is making his father in heaven happy. I
was really excited to hear about that. I have had so many experiences
like that on my mission where I just have this amazing feeling of Gods
love for me. It's such a blessing knowing that I have a father in
heaven who loves me. Now I just need to continue to show him how much
I love him in my actions.
On Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Elder Norton. He's serving in
the Fairfax wars. He's a new missionary and just came out this
transfer. So I decided that we were going to go finding, so I can show
him the ropes haha. So we went to George Mason University campus and
we filled my back pack with as many copies of the Book of Mormon as we
could. I think we fit 20 in there this time. And we told ourselves
that we were going to hand them all out. And we did!! In the space of
2 hours, we handed out 20 copies of the Book of Mormon. We were in
like the main area of campus, kind of like the main square. And we
told ourselves we were going to talk to everyone we could so we tried.
It was such an awesome experience and I know it was great for Elder
Norton because that was his first real finding experience. It's times
like those that make me really love being a missionary.
Well, I'm excited for this upcoming week. So far, we have a lesson
planned for every night this week. I hope it all works out. I'll have
to let you know how it goes next week! I hope you have a good week! I
love and miss you guys!
Elder Leishman

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