Monday, February 13, 2017

Week #88 - Float like a πŸ¦‹, sting like a 🐝

Another transfer is upon us. I'm so glad I'm still here in the Fair
Oaks Ward. This place is amazing.  On Thursday we had our transfer and
just like that everyone was off to their new areas. Not elder Williams
and I though, we get another transfer together. It should be an
exciting one. We have one baptism set for this transfer and hopefully
we can get some more.

We had a number of exchanges with members this week. One in particular
really stood out to me. While serving in Manassas, I become pretty
good friends with some of the young men in the wWarrentonwards. One of
them texted me the other day and asked if he could come out on an
exchange with us because his ward only has sisters and he's preparing
for his mission is Guatemala. So Friday night, Sawyer came out with
us. It was great to be back with him. He is a stud and will be an
awesome missionary. We basically struck out on everyone appointment
that night but it was still a great time.

There was a number of lessons with our investigator named Tuckie. She
is the one that's in date for this transfer. We taught her English
half of the lesson and then taught her the gospel for the rest of it.
She's awesome. Her baptism is scheduled for March 18th but could
possibly be moved up if she keeps progressing the way she is. She also
came to church this Sunday which was awesome. She really enjoyed it
and made a couple new friends.

I've been reading a TON in the Book of Mormon lately as I've been
trying to hit my goal of finishing it 2 more times while on my
mission. I'm currently at the end of Alma with the 2000 stripling
warriors. It's hands down my favorite part of the Book of Mormon. I
marked my calendar all the days that I have to read and the chapters
in order for me to achieve my goal. I'm so pumped. I've decided that
on my last time reading the Book of Mormon, I'm going to get a blank
copy and highlight all the things I've learned while on my mission. I
know I've learned so many great things so don't be surprised if the
whole book is highlighted.

Well, it was an awesome week. I'm happy about what's in store for the
next couple weeks/months. I hope you all have a great week!

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole
staircase, just take the first step." - Dr. MLK Jr.

- Elder LeishmanπŸ•΄

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