Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Week #66 - "20 going on 16"

Wow! I can't thanks everyone enough for all the birthday love. I can't
believe another year has come and gone. I'm so grateful that I had my
whole 19th year to serve the lord. It was such a great year and I
wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm excited to see what this year has
to bring. But thank you everyone for the birthday love. I am very

This week was pretty fun! We met with all of our sweet investigators
that are on date EVERYDAY this week. It was good to help them keep
their commitments with contrast follow up!

We had our zone activity at the mission home today so I didn't have a
lot of time to write. We were able to have a BBQ and play sports and
what not. It was a blast to be with president and sister huntsman. I'm
sorry this isn't a lot But know that I love you ALL!

- Elder Leish

Me and my bro Brian!

The sisters that serve in our ward gave me a birthday present...Haha!

I used Elder Holdaway's sign that he left for my birthday too!

So when you hit your year mark you burn a shirt. Well I've been putting mine off for like 3 months and I finally did it this weekend on my birthday - lol!

Shirt burning
Candid pic that our investigator took while we were hanging with them.

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