Monday, December 21, 2015

Week #28

Well, Merry Christmas! I cannot believe it's the week of Christmas!
This is hands down the best time of the year. I'm so glad I get to be
a missionary at this time. This week has been good. We were able to
have some lessons with a couple of our investigators and some less
actives in our ward. They all went well. Right now we aren't teaching
anyone that's super solid, we have a few solid potential investigators
that we are working on but other than that we are trying to find a lot
of new people to teach. It's going to be pretty hard to find people to
teach this week with it being Christmas but I'm hopeful that we will
find some! On a side note, I learned how to solve a rubixs  cube this

I can't believe I get to see the fam on Friday. I'm so excited. It's
been a whole 6 months since I've seen everyone. I can't wait to see
dads goatee and the boys hair. I can't wait to see my beautiful momma
again! It's going to be awesome. And I'm excited to meet my new
brother, Louie. It will be a happy time!

I love this Christmas season. I'm glad I get to labor alongside the
savior in his vineyard. I wish I would have taken advantage of the
blessings of the gospel before my mission. I wish I would have
realized how much more happy I am when I am fully immersed in the
gospel. I'm glad that Heavenly Father has given us agency and let's us
pick for ourself what we want to do. There is so much more genuine
care that comes along with agency on our side as well as heavenly
fathers side. We care more and our decisions and he cares more about
the decisions we are making. I'm grateful for the birth of the savior
and the joy that comes as we remember him. My favorite quote that mom
used to put up during Christmas was the one that said, "Wise men seek
him still." I absolutely love that. We should always have the savior
on out mind and be striving towards him.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays!

Elder Leishman

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