Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Week #104 - "Second to Last Email"

Hello, everyone. I hope you all had a great week. It's so weird that
pday is upon us again. Time really does fly...

This week was exciting. There is a young couple in our ward that have
been hookin it up with teaching opportunities lately. They are house
parents to a conservative internship house. It's a pretty interesting
gig. Basically they get to live in the house for free but they have to
babysit a bunch of college-aged interns for 12 week periods. Bless
their hearts. But they mentioned to us before the interns showed up
that there are always a couple that have a lot of questions and that
we should come by sometime. So we went by this week and it was
awesome!! There are probably 12-14 interns there and we got to talk to
most of them. One in particular was asking some probing questions.
Hopefully we can get over there again thin week and teach her more.
The opportunity was so much fun. They all had 101 questions for us. I
enjoyed answering them. It was pretty funny being around people that
were my age and talking to them about the gospel. Also, with any
political intern there comes a sense of political fire haha. we
definitely saw a couple "discussions" break out. 😂

We finally had some of our investigators come to church this week.
Kevin and his boys were able to attend and it was awesome! They all
enjoyed it very much. We talked to Benjamin's teacher afterward and he
said that Benjamin was going 'Buck Wild' for most of their class but
that he's a good kid. It was funny haha. Kevin enjoyed gospel
principles. Our lesson was on Exaltation 😳 I think he understood lol.
We are going to have a busy week helping them as well. Lots to do!

Recently, I've been pondering on the fact that missionaries are called
to SERVE. I feel like there's a lot of meaning behind the word serve.
I don't think the term "serve" has anything to do with ourselves.
Service is completely giving ones self to a certain task out of love.
That love could be for the person you are serving or simply the fact
you love God. It's funny when you're around missionaries 24/7 that
always talk about "climbing the totem pole" to their next leadership
responsibility. We aren't in some hierarchy that we are eventually
trying to work our way to the top. You don't move up and down in rank.
Absolutely not. We are SERVANTS of the Lord who have been called to
SERVE in capacities because we love the Lord. I'm grateful I had my
friend, Elder Jamison Jones, teach me a valuable lesson on this
towards the beginning of my mission. I'll always be grateful for that.
Shout out to my man Jonesy.

It's bittersweet knowing that this is my last full week as a
missionary. From they plans we have set, its going to be one busy
week. Talk to you all next week for my last pday! Have a fantastic
week 💙 Mosiah 2:17

Elder Leishman

The first is with the Stewart Family. They are my cousins in the Falls
Church Ward. I'm glad I got to get one last pic with the whole fam.
They made me sit in the "chair of honor". I look like the grandpa in a
family picture haha. They have been an awesome support to me over my

The second is my friend, Bryce. Also in the Falls Church Ward. He was
one of the first members I got really close with on the mission. His
wife wasn't able to join us because they are about to have a baby.
They are awesome. I'm so glad I know I'll always have friends i can
count on in Bryce and Brooke.

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