Monday, September 28, 2015

Week #14 - In the Field - "Patience"

So this week has been pretty good if I do say so myself! It was pretty
normal, nothing too crazy, out of the ordinary stuff. We had
interviews with President Huntsman on Thursday afternoon which was
awesome. It's always nice to sit down with him and just talk about
life and stuff and some of the challenges I'm going through and how to
work them out. He's such an awesome guy. Both him and Sister Huntsman
are like my mission mom and dad. There's always a sense of peace and
home when we are around them!

Every Wednesday a member from our ward opens the gym up in the church
and sets up volleyball nets and there are about 20 or so nonmembers
that come and play volleyball. So I have been trying to take advantage
of this great finding opportunity. It's been tough because elder
havens doesn't play sports but I can see there are a lot of people
there that are astonished that missionaries are actually real people
haha. That's one of the main things we do as missionaries is just
answer questions about stereotypes or misconceptions.

On Sunday we went and saw one of the less active members of our ward
who is actually in rehab right now. So we went out to visit him at his
rehab home with one of the members of our ward. He is doing very well.
It's so good to see that he is making progress in his road to
recovery. This week I've been watching the 12 Steps to Addiction
Recovery videos that the church puts out. Some of those addictions are
crazy. It makes me never was to fall victim to an addiction. It really
controls your life. It ruins a lot of the things you have going on for
yourself as well, your family, sports, friendships, etc.

Well, this weekend is General Conference. I'm so excited for my first
one out in the field. It's going to be awesome to hear from the
Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I always love when we have conference
because we get to receive instruction and revelation from all of the
church leaders. It's such a great experience to hear their words. It's
going to be interesting with them calling 3 new Apostles. I'm excited
for the upcoming weekend!

Well, my spiritual thought for the week is going to be on patience.
You know what, patience is one of the things I wish I was just born
with. Because it's super hard to acquire. There are so many things and
people that test your boundaries. I've had to learn how to master that
feeling of wanting to punch someone in the face and I think I'm tested
with it multiple times a day. Just think how perfect the world would be
if everyone was patient? There would be nobody freaking out when lines
are too long, there would be a lot less contention in the world, and
everything would run a lot more smoothly. So, my invitation to you
guys is to just try and be patient. The Savior, Jesus Christ was the
most patient human being to ever live. If we try to mimic our life to
his, only good things can happen. I hope everyone has great week and
stays safe!

Elder Leishman

We stopped at a high school football game
Random pictures

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