Friday, June 12, 2015

Week 1 - MTC

Well guys, I'm going to be honest, the two days in the MTC were BRUTAL!! I swear I've had a pit in my stomach ever since I got here. But I also love being here. The spirit here is so strong and I'm happy I made the decision to serve. I know that right now in the moment these next 24 months are going to be so long but once I'm done it will have gone in a blink of an eye. My teachers here in the MTC are awesome! Brother Shumway and Brother Okleberry. One served in Portugal and one served in Boston! They have taught me so much and I've barely been with them. The people in the MTC are so nice. Literally everyone says hi to everyone and every shakes each other's hand. I guess it's just practice for when we get out into the real mission field. 

Let me tell you about my companion. The kid is a stud. His name is elder liddiard. He was the kid I met at the temple before I went into the MTC. Totally awesome kid!! He is from rexburg, idaho. He is 20 years old and he went to a few years of byu Idaho for a couple years before his mission. He had to work really hard to get out in the mission field just like I did. He had a pretty rough path out here and I'm so proud of him for his desire to serve. But he is struggling so much. He suffers from anxiety and OCD. it kills me to see him have to keep meeting with these counsellors because I know how strong of a kid he is and I know that he wants to serve a mission so bad. It's hard for me to see him like this because then it kind of rubs off on me. Like when I have to sit outside a branch or district presidents office and wait for him to finish, it reminds me of home and how much I wish I could be there. He told me he is probably going home either today or tomorrow and that made me so sad but I know he will be able to go home and get some things figured out and come back out into the mission field. He is such a stud and love him to death, I want what is best for him. Please keep him in your prayers.

Last night, all the elders in my district were in our room and most of us gave each other blessings. It's such a comfort knowing that we are able to talk directly to God and get all that inspiration from him that will be exactly what us as elders need to hear. The elders in my district are elder king, elder hunt, elder krambule, and elder Hamblin. They are all studs I love them all so much. I don't think I could have picked a better district to serve in. There are two sets of sister missionaries in our district they are sister frei, sister Corey, sister Walton, and sister squires. They are awesome!! Sister Walton is also from st. George! The sisters bring such a happy spirit to the MTC and I love it. 

All in all the MTC is hands down the best/worst place I've ever been too. It's always tough in the mornings and at night because I start to think about life at home and it makes for a real struggle, but I have the stamina to push through these tough times. 

I wrote down some scriptures that I know will definitely help mom and many others who will read this letter. It is in 1 Nephi 5:6-8. If you get a chance please read it. It brought me a lot of comfort and I know it will help you. It talks about lehi and his wife sariah and how happy she was when her sons returned from getting the plates from king Laban. I like to relate that to the mission that although it's super hard while we are gone that our mothers will be so happy when we return and they will give thanks to the lord because of it. 

I love you all! I'll talk to you next Friday which is my next Pday. Today is only a half Pday because we only got here 2 days ago so we don't have too much laundry and stuff to do, but next week we will have afoul Pday and a temple trip too! Much love! 

Elder Leishman

My MTC District

My Roomates
Feeling loved from family and friends

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