Monday, June 29, 2015

In Field Week #1

So this crazy week actually started right after I sent my email last week!!! We got to go to the temple on our last pday in the MTC which was such a blessing. I was literally looking forward to it the whole time I was in the MTC. But right after we came out of our temple sessions, we were walking back and we got to the light right across the street and we were waiting for it to turn so we could walk and then some people came up to us and asked us where we are going on our missions. So we told him. (Totally thinking they are members just trying to find out where we are headed) Then one of them tells us "oh well you'll see a lot of evangelical Christians back there, how about we tell you a little about what we believe!" And at this time I just got this super strong feeling that we should head back to the MTC but before I could even say anything, one of the elders we were with said "yes, sure we would love too". So I was like oh gosh this is going to be interesting. So one of the guys starts off explaining what they believe. But it eventually turns into him just totally ripping on us and the church and just straight up wanting to bible bash. He kept saying how because we are "teachers" that we are going to be judged more harsh at the judgement day and then he said that we are going to burn in hell because all the things we teach are false and we are possessed by demons and stuff like that. So at this point, I'm getting pretty ticked off with what they are saying. And I hadn't said anything during the whole conversation up to this point but I was getting pretty fed up with everything they were saying and I don't take being called possessed lightly. So I finally piped up. And these were my exact words: "You know what, if you are right and I am possessed by a demon and everything I teach is false, I will gladly accept that punishment of burning in hell because I believe every word I say. But since everything I say isn't false, I won't be burning in hell. And you know what, say I am possessed by a demon, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will judge me based off the desires of my heart and off my knowledge. So technically I won't burn in hell because I don't know any better than what this demon is having me say." HAHAHA YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEM HIS FACE AFTER I SAID THAT!!!! He was just like "uhh....well...where is your historical evidence?" And I was like I am the historical evidence. Standing right in front of you. And then after I said that, I was just like "you know what, I would love to stay and chat but we have dinner waiting" and me and elder hunt just shook everyone's hand and peaced out. Thank goodness we did too because elder hunt and I were talking as we were walking back how we could just see ourselves beating those guys up and getting sent home LOL. Serves them right. Don't try to come at the Mormon missionaries like that, we have a higher power on our side. So that highlighted the end of my last pday lol. 

The rest of classes up until the day we left the MTC were pretty much the same as usual, long and boring. The last day in the MTC we got to take a lot of pictures with our teachers and stuff and got to listen to a member of the seventy speak to us. It was elder Marcus B. Nash. He talked to us about how on our missions, we just need to leave everything out there. Which i totally agree with. On our last day we taught one last lesson to our investigators and we showed a video. It was called Mountains to Climb. I highly suggest all of you watch it. So motivating and powerful. It's a Mormon message. 

We woke up at 1:15am to leave for our flight out to DC. We got to the airport at about 3am or so and the ticket counters didn't even open till 4:45am so we just had to wait down there for a little over an hour. Luckily I was able to call mom and dad and talk to them even though it was even earlier in Vegas. It was so nice to be able to hear their voices again. We talked for probably 30 minutes till I had to go through security. Security. Now that's another nightmare. I swear every TSA agent is working for the adversary. Literally I think EVERY missionary that was with us got stopped for some reason and they made a huge production out of everything. They yelled at some sisters who had never flown before and it was just all bad. I tried to help the best I could, but I could only do so much before I would yell back. (If you haven't noticed, my patience has been tested numerous times already) Luckily we were able to barely make it onto our flight to Minneapolis but we didn't get to eat breakfast. So as soon as we landed in Minneapolis I went and go some food. Literally right after I paid for my food, this man came up and offered to buy all the missionaries einsteins bagels. Just a tad too late. I got to call mom and dad again from Minneapolis. I think it was even hard that time because when we said goodbye, mom said "see you at Christmas" and then it really hit me lol. 

So we finally land in DC and President and Sister Riggs are there and it was the best feeling ever seeing them!! Literally like every feeling of homesickness or anxiety just left as soon as President gave me a hug! The assistants came and got us and the office elders took our luggage. We drove to the Lincoln memorial so we could take some pictures. It was really cool to see it all in person. We also walked to the Vietnam memorial which was awesome! It was super hot and humid outside so we kinda went back a little early because we were all sweaty. We went and ate dinner at fudruckers lol. Talk about a first meal in the mission. We went straight to our hotel after that because we were all exhausted. President and sister Riggs talked to us for a little bit and the assistants showed us a video while President was interviewing us all!! After that we just went back to the room and went to bed! We had to wake up pretty early the next morning so we could be to breakfast and so we could make it to the transfer meeting. We got to the chapel and we had a little orientation with the assistants and sister Riggs. We got our iPads and stuff like that. After this meeting we went into the relief society room where we would meet our trainers. President called us all up individually and announced who our trainer would be. Then our trainer would run up and give us a hug and we would go take a picture then from there on we had a new companion. My trainer/companions name is Elder McInerny (Mac-in-Ernie). He is from San Diego and he is a convert! He got baptized about a year and a half before he went on his mission. He has been out for 21 months!! He is a total stud. He has helped me out so much and has been teaching me the ropes and ins and outs of the mission life. He loves to workout so we wake up at 5:45 every morning to work out!! That's 2:45 Vegas time and 3:45 Utah time.... We live in apartment just us two. There is another set of missionaries for our ward though. They live in our complex but a couple buildings away! Our zone is pretty big! We are in the McLean Zone and in the Falls Church ward in Falls Church, Virginia! The members here are awesome! We have an awesome ward mission leader and a brand new bishopric ! They have had their bishopric as long as I've been out so we are all new to this stuff. 

President Riggs gave us some great council in his departing talk at the transfer meeting. We do this thing where we sing "onward Christian soldiers" for the closing hymn of every transfer/departing testimony meeting. And then we stand and sing the last verse. It was so sad to see all the missionaries crying as they were leaving and i was like yeah that's so far away. But then when president gave his talk I got this really big motivation to go out and do missionary work!! It was sad to see president leave even only knowing him for 2 days. He has blessed the lives of so many people and he will be missed. But president huntsman will be here this week which is going to be awesome! I'm looking forward to having him as my president for my whole mission! I can't wait! The first night in the mission we had 2 dinners!! But now this week we have nobody scheduled at all!!! One of the members of the relief society is sending out emails trying to get our dinner appointments filled. So hopefully we will!! 

Last week we did some service at a local baptist church and helped them with some of their food storage. We were able to stop by Bishop Johnsons house that day so I could meet him also! Most of the missionary work I'm doing isn't really anything new to me because I would go out with the elders in Vegas all the time so I kinda knew what I was getting myself into. But on the other end, actually living as a missionary 100% of the time is pretty tough. It all comes with time. I'm so happy for the opportunity I have to serve the lord for these two years and to share my testimony of the restored gospel with everyone I come in contact with. The lord is amazing in the way he works. He pushes us to our limits then right when we are about to break, he gives us the support we need. I've seen that numerous times in the past few weeks and I know I will one see it more as time goes on. I love you all and now that I'm out of the MTC I should be able to reply to a lot more stuff. I love hearing from everyone and seeing pictures so feel free to send anything my way. My address is: 

134 Chanel Terrace #203
Falls Church, Virginia 22046

I love you all and thank you for all the prayers and support!

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